Benefits of Certification

Benefits of Certification

More and more in a variety of industries, individuals look to earning certifications to set themselves apart from their peers. Earning an AWS certification is a reflection that you have met the rigorous assessment processes established by the AWS Qualification and Certification Committee.  Below are a few ways that being AWS certified can benefit you, your employer and the industry as a whole.

Benefits to Me

  • A Mark of Accomplishment: Your knowledge and experience are impartially validated against an approved set of welding standards and guidelines.
  • Proof of Achievement: You pass an exam(s) demonstrating that you have the foundational welding knowledge in the specific professional certification to become successful in that specialty.
  • A Competitive Edge: You have a head-start compared to non-AWS certified individuals when you are ready to advance your career to the next level or explore new opportunities.
  • A Better Living: You can increase your career prospects and capacity to make an honorable living with good take-home pay to support your family.
  • A Commitment to Growth: You demonstrate your active pursuit of opportunities to learn and perform better each day using the skill sets and technological know-how you have acquired.

Benefits to My Employer

  • AWS welding inspector certification has been widely accepted by the United States and even many of the major industrial countries in the world, and it is the professional certification for welding quality control personnel. More and more multinational companies rely on AWS third-party certification to ensure that welding quality reaches the highest internationally recognized level.
  • A Mark of Accomplishment: You provide your staff opportunities to obtain an internationally accepted professional recognition and validation of their knowledge, skills and abilities. 
  • Proof of Achievement: Your organization can attract better-qualified welders, welding inspectors and other skilled staff who work in and around your organization’s products and/or services.
  • A Competitive Edge: You can boost your market-facing credibility when submitting RFPs for major business, government or military contracts.
  • A Better Living: You contribute not only to the profitability of your business, but you provide ways to support the career advancement that can lead to a better livelihood of your staff. 
  • A Commitment to Growth: You are dedicated to improving the effectiveness and consistency of your organization’s welding-related practices; developing the technical knowledge of your existing employees; cultivating the next generation of welders; and shaping the future of the industry.

Benefits to the Industry 

  • A Mark of Excellence: AWS is the leader in developing welding standards and certifications for essential functions and competencies across a multitude of disciplines (welder, technician, inspector, supervisor, educator, engineer, and sales representative, etc.).
  • Proof of Impartial Validation: AWS Certifications provide a standardized method to evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities of industry personnel. 
  • A Competitive Edge: AWS Certifications can demonstrate to the welding industry the employers’ and certified individuals’ dedication to remain at the forefront of evolving technology, equipment and applications.
  • A Better Living: AWS Certifications can elevate the perception of welding as a competitive career, that can provide paths to lucrative and promising lifelong careers.
  • A Commitment to Growth: AWS Certifications facilitate continued advancement of the industry, its businesses and its hard-working individuals.



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