The Power of Celebration

The Power of Celebration

Every year, the American Welding Society honors members who have made significant contributions to the world of welding. Without them, the science, technology, and application of welding and allied processes wouldn’t be where it is today. These leaders allow us to forge a path — together.

Paving the Way


827 Number of Awards Since AWS Inception

Award Categories

Honorary/Meritorious Awards

These awards recognize global welding leadership, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the advancement and promotion of the welding profession.

Education/Meritorious Service Awards

These awards honor exemplary educators, professionals, and contributors who have advanced welding knowledge and public awareness, or made significant contributions to the industry.

Welding Journal Awards

Welding Journal Awards celebrate top research & innovations in welding. Presented annually, they highlight pivotal contributions in the welding industry.

Lecture Awards

The AWS Lecture Awards spotlight leaders in welding, including the Comfort A. Adams Lecture for distinctive welding developments and the Plummer Memorial for contributions to welding education.

Counselor and Fellow

The AWS Counselor and Fellow Awards celebrate members for distinguished organizational leadership and notable contributions to welding science and technology.

AWS CWI Lifetime Achievement Award

Established in 2018, the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Lifetime Achievement Award honors members for their enduring contributions and advancements in welding inspection.

Outstanding Achievement Awards

The AWS Outstanding Achievement Awards honor exceptional contributions in welding, spanning historical structures, innovative fabrication, safety, and technical advancements across various categories.

Excellence in Welding Awards

WEMCO created the annual Excellence in Welding Awards to recognize individuals and organizations that are instrumental in raising the image of welding and strengthening the industry, and have shown exemplary dedication to promoting the image of welding in their communities.

AWS Distinguished Member Award

The AWS Distinguished Member Award was created to recognize outstanding service and commitment of AWS Members to the Society and the welding industry.

Selection Process

Award recipients are selected in different ways depending on the category: some through the AWS award subcommittees and some through standing committees specially designated by subject recognition.

Note: Due to the selection and administration of the awards, some are restricted from public nominations.

Previous Award Winners


Previous Award Winners


This booklet celebrates the distinguished awardees from last year, showcasing their achievements and contributions to the welding industry.


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