Join a Committee

Join a Committee

More than 1,500 volunteer professionals currently serve on 300+ AWS technical committees, subcommittees, and task groups. They spearheaded the development of consensus standards for welding, cutting, and allied processes.

Our committee volunteers – both past and present – epitomize the AWS mission to inspire the world forward. The time and knowledge they share allows AWS to continuously advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes for nearly 100 years now.

Specialized expertise:

Volunteers specialize in their specific industries and processes: structural, aerospace, railroad, automotive, robotics, shipbuilding and marine, bridges, heavy equipment, piping and tubing, sheet metal, brazing, soldering, plastics, thermal spray, welding product manufacturers, and general applications.

Engineering Workbench (EWB):

As a benefit of joining an AWS technical committee, you will receive access to Accuris Engineering Workbench (EWB), a platform that integrates engineering standards from the world's largest collection of technical content into your workflow.


These volunteers work under the rules of ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) to publish American National Standards on welding. AWS administrates the US technical advisory groups (TAGs) to ISO/TC44 (Welding and Allied Processes), and its subcommittees, participates in ISO/TC 167 (Steel and aluminum structures), and holds the secretariats of one ISO/TC44 subcommittee and five working groups. AWS is also the Authorized National Body (ANB) for Company Certification (ANBCC) to the International Institute of Welding (IIW).


AWS Calendar


The American Welding Society offers a wide variety of events to help you reach your career goals, network with other welding professionals, and learn about new industry techniques and standards. From annual conferences like the FABTECH trade shows to certification courses, section meetings, and educational seminars, the AWS calendar offers something for everyone.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can join a committee?

    Welding standards are written for our industry by our industry. Anyone with a range of experience is welcome to join. All committee members are categorized as either:

    • Educators
    • General Interest
    • Producers
    • Users


  • What are the benefits of joining a committee?

    Joining a committee offers the opportunity to contribute to the reservoir of technical knowledge that has significantly enhanced professional expertise, authority, and stability within the welding industry, a partnership dating back to AWS's establishment in 1919.

    Moreover, active involvement in a committee facilitates valuable networking with esteemed welding industry experts, fostering connections that can lead to collaborative learning and growth.

    Furthermore, committee participation allows you to play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of welding's future, acting as a trailblazer in paving the way for innovative advancements and developments.


  • What credentials do committees work under?

    Volunteers work under rules approved by ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) to publish American National Standards on welding. AWS administers US technical advisory groups (TAGs) to ISO/TC44 (Welding and Allied Processes) and its subcommittees, as well as ISO/TC 167 (Steel and aluminum structures), and holds the secretariats of two ISO/TC44 subcommittees and five working groups. AWS is also the Authorized National Body (ANB) for Company Certification (ANBCC) to the International Institute of Welding (IIW).

    Those interested in actively participating on any AWS Technical Committee are encouraged to do so. Please complete the online Technical Committee Membership Application.


  • What is a standing committee?

    A Standing Committee is any continuing Society committee created by the Board of Directors and reporting either directly to the Board of Directors or through a Functional Council or through the Executive Committee. The Technical Activities Committee (TAC), Qualification and Certification Committee (Q&C), and Safety and Health Committee (SHC) are Standing Committees that are responsible for the creation of ANSI Standards and report to the AWS Standards Council and AWS Board of Directors.

    For additional information on the above-mentioned Standing Committees, please refer to the Membership & Duties Statement to review their membership criteria and term limits.

  • What is AWS Specbuilder?

    AWS Specbuilder is both the Committee balloting software, and file sharing system, for the American Welding Society. It replaces both the Online Committee System (OCS) and our previous manual Committee balloting process.


  • Where can I access AWS Specbuilder?

    Specbuilder can be accessed at


  • What can I find the Membership and Duties Statements of Standing Committees and Councils of Directors?

    The Membership and Duties Statement can be accessed here.