Welding Journal en Español

Welding Journal en Español

Welding Journal en EspañolThe Welding Journal en Español is a quarterly publication containing the best in features, departments and news from the Welding Journal editorial department, together with tailored articles written by and for Mexican and Latin American professionals.

The editorial content is chosen for its practicality and universal appeal to a wide audience of fabricators. The Welding Journal en Español has a circulation of 10,000 printed copies and 40,000 digital copies.

The Welding Journal en Español is a free publication. Please contact Carlos Guzman (cguzman@aws.org) to be included in our complimentary subscription list.

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To view past issues of The Welding Journal en Español, access any digital issue by clicking here, then click on the suitcase icon in the upper-right corner and select “Archivos” from the menu.

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Some of the most active and influential Mexican and Latin American leaders in the industry (with a long-term welding and metalworking commitment) read the Welding Journal en Español. Advertise with us by downloading your AWS Media Kit.

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