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AWS Future Leaders Program

AWS Future Leaders Program

The American Welding Society (AWS) has initiated the Future Leaders Program to develop the next generation of AWS leaders and to aid in the continuing efforts of AWS to ensure a diversity of viewpoints reflective of the entire AWS membership, especially the next generation of welding industry professionals. The Future Leaders Program offers opportunities for early career members of the welding community to interact with industry leaders to contribute to AWS at the highest level of governance. The two Future Leaders chosen for this program will serve a one-year term, from January 1st to December 31st. During this year of service, the individuals will attend two (2) AWS Board of Directors (BOD) meetings, attend FABTECH, participate in committee discussions to set policy, gain valuable leadership experience, and connect with industry influencers. AWS will pay for travel, lodging and per diem for Participants for the BOD meetings.

Applications for the 2022 AWS Future Leaders Program are now being accepted!

Application Deadline Extended: Apply by June 30, 2021

Don't wait; apply to be an AWS Future Leader today!

Future Leaders Representatives 2021

Andrea J. Orr
Andrea J. Orr
Hannah J. Wolff
Hannah J. Wolf

The American Welding Society (AWS) Future Leaders Program aims to promote the involvement of early career members, including students, into AWS activities.

"We are pleased and excited to have Hannah and Andrea join the AWS board of directors this year,” affirmed AWS Past President Thomas Lienert.

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AWS’s 2021 Future Leaders

Eligibility Requirements

  • AWS Member
  • Must be 18 years of age or older on January 1 of their year in office
  • Must be no older than 30 years of age on January 1 of their year in office
  • To ensure diversity within the program, one participant will be selected from each of two categories every year.
    • Minimum HS Diploma or equivalent, as well as be a CWI, welder, or welding educator.
    • Minimum 4-Year Degree, as well as engineers, scientists, professors and business, sales or marketing personnel.

Desired Attributes

Applicants for the Future Leaders Program will be evaluated based on potential for leadership. Where applicable, your attributes can be listed on the application form. Examples of desired attributes include but are not limited to the areas shown below.

  • AWS Scholarship recipient
  • SKILLS participant (list ranking at state, national, or world level)
  • AWS Leadership Symposium attendee
  • Involvement in AWS Section and/or Student Chapter activities
  • AWS Section or Student Chapter Officer
  • AWS Committee involvement
  • Community service
  • Involvement in other leadership activities


  • Attend two (2) AWS Board of Director Meetings (spring and fall) and participate as a non-voting member. Attend all AWS Board of Director Orientation and Training Sessions at the Board Meetings.
  • Work with a mentor (a member of the AWS Board of Directors will be assigned as mentor)
    • Understand Board of Director meeting protocol
    • Sit with Board of Director mentor at meetings
  • Participate in local AWS Section activities when possible

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