New Podcasts Every First Wednesday of the Month

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New Podcasts Every First Wednesday of the Month

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Navigating the world of welding can be a challenge. We’re here to help. Each month, host Jason Becker and industry-leading guests tackle a variety of welding topics. Whether you’re a certified welder, an experienced pipefitter, or are just starting out in the industry, there’s something for everyone to learn on Weld Wednesday.

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AWS Visual Inspection w/ Brent Boling

In this episode, industry veteran, Brent E. Boling shares his incredible decades-long journey into the world of welding and inspection. Discover how mentorship, continuous learning, and a tight-knit community have shaped his career. From the significance of proper weld sizing and the common discontinuities inspectors encounter to the crucial role of fillet weld gauges, this episode covers it all. Brent and Jason dive deep into the importance of proper weld sizing and certifications.

My Journey Through Welding School w/ Bryn Otto

In this episode Jason talks with Bryn Otto from the @ironinsightpod about his journey from learning to weld in high school to going through welding school, to working as a contractor welding for the Department of Defense. They discuss successes and failures, some of the things in school that are really paying off, and some of the things he wished he’d done differently. Bryn and Jason also discuss what to consider when looking for a welding school and how AWS Scholarships can help cover your tuition fees.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Tune it to the new episode of Weld Wednesday featuring special guest Gerald Austin.  Gerald is a Welding Teacher at Greene Technology Center in Greenville City Schools. He is a welder, Certified Welding Inspector, and teacher with about 40 Years in the welding industry.

Join host Jason and Gerald as they explore the art and challenge of teaching welding, sharing knowledge, and inspiring the next generation.

Kicking Off National Welding Month w/ Shanen Aranmor

In case you missed it, this was the special LIVE edition of the podcast from Wednesday, April 3rd. In honor of National Welding Month and the theme of "Increase Your Impact", Jason spoke with Shanen Aranmor, founder of Weld Like a Girl, lead CWI/welding judge on Project MFG, and passionate skilled trades advocate. She will share how welding has impacted her life and career and how she has inspired individuals to make a difference in their personal careers, communities, and the industry as a whole.

It Just Makes Sense

In this month's edition of Weld Wednesday with AWS, Jason, Ashley, and Bobby discuss the expansion and accreditation of Kentucky Welding Institute (KWI), the importance of teaching well-rounded skills to welding students, and the impact of the Sense program in high schools. They also touch on the role of KWI in bridging the gap between education and industry, the benefits of train-the-trainer courses, and the need for troubleshooting skills in the welding industry. The conversation highlights the value of fundamental knowledge and the importance of producing welders who can think critically and solve problems. The conversation covers various topics related to welding education and industry standards.

AWS Welding Performance Qualifier

In this month's edition of Weld Wednesday with AWS special guest Steve Snyder is a Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) and Educator (CWE) with over 15 years of international experience in manufacturing, fabrication, and construction industries and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to various welding codes, standards, welders, and procedure qualifications. In this episode, he’ll be sharing his expertise on welding codes, standards, and qualifications.

He’ll discuss the new Welder Performance Qualification and Welding Procedure Qualifier endorsements available to CWIs and SCWIs. This episode offers valuable insights for anyone preparing for these endorsement exams or looking to demonstrate their proficiency in welder and procedure qualification testing, as well as WPS preparation. It’s also ideal for professionals involved in training, testing, or considering becoming an AWS Accredited Testing Facility for Welders.

AWS Resources for New inspectors

Welcome to another on-site episode of Weld Wednesday with AWS. Recorded at the AWS Inspection Expo in Austin, Texas, this episode captures the essence of the event held from November 8th to 10th. The expo featured networking with industry legends like Dr. Rick Polanin and Bill Newel, a vibrant opening ceremony by Stony Point High School's Navy JROTC, and a powerful keynote by Gregg "Boss" Woolridge, former Blue Angels commanding officer. Sessions covered diverse topics, including CWI essentials, code updates, mechanical testing, and remote inspections. The episode concludes with insights from Scott Witkowski, VP of Republic Testing, offering valuable advice for new inspectors. Highly recommended for those in or aspiring to join the inspection field.

AWS Automating High Mix Low Volume w/ Corey Mays

In this episode, I am chatting with Corey Mays, owner and operator of CM Welding and machining located in Midland Texas. Corey and his team serve the Oil and Gas Industry. Corey started to adopt the use of cobots in his shop several years ago to help out his team and decrease wait time for his clients. As you all know, the oil and gas is a fast paced industry and when something goes down or they need to redirect resources, it needs to happen yesterday. Corey knew that to remain a solution for his clients, he needed to add automation to his shop.

WPS, PQR, QPQR and other Acronyms w/ Charlie Cross and Padraic Bean

Join Jason Becker in this episode of Weld Wednesday w/ AWS as he engages in a conversation with Charlie Cross and Padraic Bean, two industry experts, about the importance of welding procedures and qualifications. This insightful discussion delves into the key elements of welding procedures, including code standards, contract documents, and procedure qualification records (PQRs), emphasizing the need for tailored procedures to meet project-specific requirements. The guests share their experiences and provide valuable tips for developing and qualifying welding procedures, emphasizing the importance of documentation, thorough testing, and validation. Whether you're a welding professional looking to enhance your procedures or an industry expert seeking to improve quality and compliance, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice to help you achieve your goals. Tune in to learn from the experts and take your welding procedures to the next level.

Talking Automation with Sam Chance

In this month's episode of the Weld Wednesday podcast, Jason discusses everything automation with Samuel Chance, a welding engineer with Vermeer. They discuss incorporating automation into large-scale heavy manufacturing and the opportunities to learn more about automation at the upcoming Welding Automation Expo & Conference, where Samuel will be speaking.

Building the Trades with Andrew Brown

In this month's episode of Weld Wednesday w/ AWS, Jason chats with Andrew Brown, a skilled trades advocate who uses his platform to help drive conversations about the skilled trade shortage. They discuss how to effectively spark the interest of the younger generation in pursuing careers in the skilled trades, particularly in welding and much more.

Hood Time with Jordan Packer

In this month's episode of Weld Wednesday w/ AWS, Jason chats with WorldSkills bronze medalist Jordan Packer, uncovering his journey from start to success. We cover how he started his journey to the world stage, how he prepared to compete at Skills USA, his training for WorldSkills, and what it takes to be a winner. If you've ever been curious about competing, how to get started, and what it takes to prepare - you don't want to miss this.

Unlock Your Full Potential: The Power of Lifelong Learning and How to Stay Ahead in a Rapidly Changing Industry

In this month's edition of Weld Wednesday w/ AWS, join us as we discuss the importance of being a lifelong learner and how you can stay up-to-date in the welding industry as technology continues to evolve.

Lexi McDermott, Brandy Killeen, and Robert Watson

In this month's edition of Weld Wednesday w/ AWS, Jason spoke with three young professionals in the industry to discuss how they have thrived in this industry and what advice they have for others in terms of building a network. Guests included: Lexi McDermott, Brandy Killeen, and Robert Watson. The episode was a live panel discussion on Instagram Live on 4/5/23 the guests discussed their experience with AWS and how it has been helping them in their careers since they started to get involved.

Overcoming Obstacles: Women in Welding

In this month's episode of Weld Wednesday, Jason Becker sits down with three accomplished women in the welding industry: Tiffaney Orff, owner of Welding Women Syndicate; Kelli Royals, Navy veteran and professional welder, and author of the children’s book, Willow Discovers Welding; and Amy Roosa, founder of The Safety Rack, an organization that advocates for better PPE for women in the trades industry.

Maximizing Your Workforce Potential: How Apprenticeships Can Benefit Your Company

In this month's episode of Weld Wednesday, Jason chats with industry experts Scott Ellsworth and Joe Young to discuss the benefits of apprenticeships and how to utilize the resources provided by the American Welding Society (AWS) to establish effective training programs for your employees.  Join us as we delve into the details of how to get started and discover why the cost and time investment is well worth it. Tune in and learn how to take your company to the next level with a strong workforce.

State of the Industry 2023 w/ Gary Konarska

In this episode of Weld Wednesday with AWS, Jason talks with Gary Konarska, AWS Executive Director and CEO, to discuss the current state of the welding industry. He shares insights on recent events and seminars held by AWS in 2022, and previews what's in store for AWS in 2023. Tune in to get a heads up on the current state of the welding industry and the resources and support available through AWS

A Rae of Sunshine with Rae Ripple

This months episode of #WeldWednesday, from metal artist to author and everything in between, Jason catches up with Rae Ripple to talk about everything she's been up to in the year after she competed on Metal Shop Masters.

Growing Pains With Jeremy Condrey

If you’re a small business owner or planning on striking out on your own, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this episode of #WeldWednesday. Jason chats with Jeremy Condrey, owner of @southernweldcompany, a metal fabricating company that began in 2020 and has continued to grow, so much so that it sometimes struggles to keep up with the demand as a small business. Through the growing pains, Jeremy has learned how to benefit from having the support of a network of professionals who he has connected with through his local AWS section.