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Samuel Gentry Scholarship

Samuel Gentry Scholarship

During the ten years Samuel Gentry served as Executive Director of the AWS Foundation, Foundation assets flourished from $5.9 million to more than $65 million. He significantly grew the Foundation scholarship program and expanded scholarship funding to include welders as well as secondary and post-secondary school attendees. Sam was also instrumental in creating the AWS Careers in Welding Trailer, which travels around North America to attract people to the welding profession by providing a virtual welding experience.

Originally from Alabama, Sam was an Auburn University graduate. He started his career in the banking industry, serving Capital Bank and Colonial BancGroup in Miami, FL. A respected leader in the Miami community, Sam also served as executive director of the Miami-Dade College Foundation for five years.

The Samuel Gentry Scholarship will be dedicated to women who would like to have a career in the welding industry, and who will attend a two-year program to learn the trade.

Apply online at scholarship.aws.org.