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Jack and Jo Dammann National Scholarship

Jack and Jo Dammann National Scholarship

Jack Dammann spent 37 years of his working career in a family-owned welding supply distributorship, self-described as “living the American dream”.  He spent a lifetime serving the welding industry and was past president of the National Welding Supply Association (now GAWDA) and served on numerous distributor advisory boards.  He is a 50-year Lifetime Member of AWS, an AWS Counselor, and served eight years as an AWS Foundation Trustee.  He believes the welding industry is an extremely vital component of American industry and strongly supports all educational endeavors in welding and related fields of study.  This scholarship is made possible by the Dammann Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.


This scholarship is for a full-time college student pursuing an Engineering degree, a STEM degree, or a Business degree with a marketing emphasis.


Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 and be a citizen of the United States.  Preference will be given to residents of the state of Colorado.


The recipient will be chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of at least five (5) members from the Education Scholarship Committee.


The award is $5,000, paid directly to the academic institution on the recipient’s behalf.

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