Exam Feedback

Exam Feedback

Certification Exam Feedback Form

As a candidate applying for AWS certification, you have the opportunity to provide additional post-testing feedback that can improve future exam processes and procedures.

We welcome and encourage your feedback as part of our mission to continuously strengthen the certification process. Please note the following considerations:

  • We are not able to guarantee a response to your feedback or to accept phone calls regarding comments shared: AWS Certification Department staff members are not permitted to discuss exam details.
  • However rest assured that your feedback will be carefully reviewed by our certification team.

If you have feedback about any other aspect of AWS membership, education, certification or any area not directly related to the exam you took, we welcome those comments as well. But please do NOT include that feedback on the below Exam Feedback Form, as it will not be reviewed. Reach us on those matters by clicking: Contact AWS.

Please complete the fields below with your contact and exam information. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Exam Feedback Form


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