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AWS @ 100

AWS @ 100

Honoring our Past, Embracing the Future

2019 marks a very special occasion for the American Welding Society - our 100th birthday!

But, it’s not all about us.  Our Centennial celebration really belongs to all the men and women who’ve been instrumental to the Society’s growth.  That’s why we’re asking all of you to join us throughout the year as we reflect on the proud heritage of service that we’ve built together and embrace the future ahead.

100 years ago, AWS emerged during World War 1 at the behest of President Woodrow Wilson to help serve a national need.   Our enduring mission “to advance the science and art of welding” was there at our inception in 1919 and our dedication to helping welding professionals across the globe protect and improve lives remains just as strong today as it was then. 

Stay tuned to this page for photos, videos and more as we commemorate our centennial anniversary.  We encourage you to join in this exciting celebration by sharing your photos and memorabilia with us on social media:

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A Century in the Making – 100 Years of AWS History

There’s no doubt that AWS and the technologies that it represents have experienced many changes over the last century. Take a short walk down memory lane with us as we celebrate key AWS milestones along with the many significant industry advancements leading up to our 100th birthday. The accomplishment is ours to share!


100th Anniversary Display

Special Display Honoring AWS's 100th Anniversary

A special display honoring AWS’s first 100 years anniversary was unveiled. Showcasing AWS’s advancements throughout the last 100 years, along with meaningful mementos, it is permanently displayed in the lobby of AWS Headquarters.

Shown are (from left) AWS 2019 President Thomas Lienert and AWS Vice President Bob Roth after the unveilingof the special display honoring AWS's 100th anniversary.