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Pandjiris, Inc.
5151 Northrup
St. Louis, MO 63110
TEL 314 776-6893
FAX 314-776-8763
Email Jim Tainter,
VP Sales & Marketing

Email Bob Mann, President
For over 65 years, Pandjiris has designed and manufactured state-of-the art automated welding systems and a complete line of standard positioning equipment for almost any application across a wide range of industries: pipe and vessels, shipbuilding, transportation, energy and oil and gas, construction, and heavy fabrication. Pandjiris offers fixed automation solutions and turnkey systems for customers throughout the world.
30 Jytek Drive
Leominster, MA 01453

PFERD Milwaukee Brush Company
Sam Birel – VP Operations

9201 W. Heather Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53224-2419
Phone: 262-255-3200
Fax: 262-255-2840
TEL 978 840-6420
FAX 978-840-6421
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Email Diane Scalley,
Dir. Bus. Proc. Integ

Email Jim Ballou,
Marketing Manager
For over 212 years, the PFERD brand name has been synonymous with outstanding premium-quality tools and abrasives. Today PFERD and PFERD/Advance Brush offer an extensive range, comprising over 7,5000 surface finishing, cutting, grinding, and power tools. Products offered: abrasives disks/belts/pads/wheels; cutoff and grinding wheels; wire, maintenance, and abrasive filament brushes; deburring equipment; edge finishing equipment; hand tools; polishing & sanding equipment; tube/pipe deburring equipment; tube-pipe grinding & polishing equipment; brushes - deburring & polishing.
Phoenix International, Inc.
8711 West Port Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53224
TEL 414-973-3400
FAX 414-973-3275
Email Scott Fredrick, CEO
Email Ryan Hertel,
Director of Business Development
Phoenix International has manufactured DryRod® electrode and flux holding and baking ovens since 1951. Phoenix products are available through a worldwide distribution network, and used by welders in the oil/gas, shipbuilding, fabrication and construction industries. DryRod® ovens are designed for durability and to withstand rugged field abuse. Phoenix offers a complete line of portable and bench electrode and flux ovens along with the Safetube® rod canister to meet all consumable stabilization needs.
Postle Industries, Inc.
5500 West 164th Street
Cleveland, OH 44142
TEL 216-265-9000
FAX 216-265-9030
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Email John Postle, President
Postle Industries offers a complete range of welding alloys for hardfacing, tool steel and forging die repair, specialized fabrications and repair welding. Product range includes iron base alloys, cobalt and nickel base alloys, chromium, tungsten and complex carbide hardfacing products. Welding Alloys are available as solid and flux-cored wires, welding electrodes and thermal spray powders.


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