Established in 1996, WEMCO serves as an alliance between the American Welding Society (AWS) and dozens of manufacturers of welding, cutting and related welding-industry equipment. As a standing committee of AWS, this influential organization is an invaluable source of information and services for welding industry end users, distributors and manufacturers. WEMCO hosts a must-attend annual meeting featuring industry leaders who present on the latest issues and trends in the welding industry, as well as a renowned economist who delivers a global economic outlook. For nearly 20 years, WEMCO Members have enjoyed unparalleled networking opportunities, idea generation and exchange in a noncompetitive atmosphere.

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WEMCO is comprised of 80+ companies that are manufacturers of welding equipment and/or products. See the WEMCO Member list here.

Discover extensive WEMCO membership value:
Key advantages of a WEMCO membership include:

  • Unparalleled networking opportunities at the annual meeting
  • WEMCO monthly e-briefs
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Renowned Economist Alan Beaulieu's quarterly economic forecasting reports
  • And much more

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Collectively, WEMCO diligently works to preserve the welding industry.  Individually, each subcommittee also works on issues that affect you, your company, and our industry in general. WEMCO members can lend their support by joining a subcommittee today.

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