Welding Curriculum FAQs

Welding Curriculum FAQs

AWS offers a welding curriculum? What does it consist of?

Yes! AWS is proud to unveil The Fundamentals of Welding Curriculum, a comprehensive educational tool designed for welding instructors and students at the high school and technical college level. It consists of printed materials, such as the new Fundamentals of Welding textbook, a welding lab exercise manual, and 12 educational classroom posters covering various aspects of welding. These resources are paired with several digital offerings, including 74 e-learning modules and 18 instructional videos. The curriculum also includes over 100 lesson plans, 12 classroom PowerPoint presentations, and various handouts and checklists to assist instructors on a day-to-day basis.

All components of the curriculum package align with the governing standards of the SENSE program and were reviewed by subject matter experts and welding education professionals. The material can also be used by schools and educators that are not members of the SENSE program.

How much does the curriculum package cost?

The curriculum package has a base price of $3250.00. This includes textbooks, lab manuals, and online access for up to twenty-five (25) students. A per-student fee is applied for groups larger than 25. For additional information, or to begin the purchasing process, please visit the product page on the AWS Bookstore.

As far as gauging student progress and grade-keeping, how will this curriculum package fit...

As far as gauging student progress and grade-keeping, how will this curriculum package fit in with my current classroom structure?

This curriculum is built on the AWS Learning platform, which is hosted on a Moodle learning management system (LMS). Students will be issued individual accounts, and can access online modules, assignments, and multimedia content. Instructors will be able to review how each student is faring and assess how they are engaging with the content.

Can the AWS LMS be integrated with another LMS?

The AWS Learning platform is currently the only supported host for the AWS curriculum. The LMS can produce data exports and reports which can be input or uploaded into other LMS or gradebook applications.

What kind of gradebook is offered to keep track of student grades?

The built-in gradebooks track the grades of all online activities. This includes attempt details such as time of access, duration, and answer choices.

Will instructors be able to add content, such as quizzes or other assessments, to the LMS?

This feature is not currently supported, although we are currently looking into possibly implementing this kind of functionality in the future. We recognize that many institutions use pre-existing LMSs for their academic coursework, and we are making every effort to ensure as much cross-platform functionality as possible. In order to ensure that our platform best serves your needs, our support staff will be available to field specific queries you may have regarding compatibility and functionality with your existing infrastructure.

Would it be possible to preview the curriculum materials before purchasing the curriculum?

Would it be possible to preview the curriculum materials (textbook, lab manuals, or online modules) before purchasing the curriculum?

Definitely. We will be offering demo access to the AWS Learning platform with limited/partial access to the curriculum materials. For more information, or to request demo access, please reach out to Sales at sales@aws.org.

Given that the welding curriculum aligns with SENSE guidelines, is there...

Given that the welding curriculum aligns with SENSE guidelines, is there an associated accreditation program for participating schools?

Yes. The SENSE Advanced Education & Training Program (AETP) is currently being developed and will be implemented late 2019. SENSE AETP is an accreditation mechanism that ensures that a school has a training program with the industry leading personnel, educational curriculum, procedures, knowledge, and equipment necessary to deliver proper welder education, skills training, and performance qualification.

In short, the accreditation process consists of an initial application, the submission of a quality manual that adheres to the QC21 and EG21 standards, curriculum review and approval, an initial on-site audit, and yearly self-audits. Institutions opting to use the AWS welding curriculum are not subject to the curriculum approval process.

The SENSE AETP will run on a 5-year cycle with re-accreditation on the 5th year. Please note that the new accreditation program will not be implemented until late 2019. Therefore, the new QC21 and EG21 standards have not been published yet. Current SENSE-registered schools will be given a transition period from the launch date to transition to the accreditation program.

My institution is already a SENSE school. If I purchase the curriculum, is the fee...

My institution is already a SENSE school. If I purchase the curriculum, is the $20 administrative fee for each student included?

The SENSE accreditation and AWS curriculum bundle will be tiered. The first tier is for up to 25 students. Therefore, if you have 25 students, there will not be an additional per student fee.

If your school is already registered under the current SENSE program and it purchases the curriculum for students not currently enrolled in SENSE, the $20 per new student administrative fee would still apply since the school is purchasing the curriculum only and not the bundle. If your school purchases the curriculum and participates in the SENSE accreditation pilot program, the first 25 students will be enrolled in the SENSE program and receive the curriculum materials with no additional fees.

Does the SENSE AETP meet the guidelines of the ACCSC?

The SENSE program is not currently accredited by ACCSC, although this may change in the future. 

For more information regarding SENSE accreditation, please contact Jessenia Martinez at SENSE@aws.org or 1-800-443-9353 Ext. 225.