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Welding Curriculum

Welding Curriculum

The American Welding Society (AWS) offers a comprehensive welding learning program designed with both the welding instructor and student in mind. The Fundamentals of Welding Curriculum combines a comprehensive collection of print and digital educational resources and learning tools into one package for teaching at the high-school and technical college level.

students-instructorThis turn-key solution provides a high-quality, effective welding curriculum package aligns with the governing standards of the SENSE program, both created and reviewed in tandem with SMEs and welding education professionals.

Why does it make sense to become SENSE?
SENSE is a comprehensive set of minimum Standards and Guidelines for Welding Education programs developed to assist schools in training welders. Schools can incorporate SENSE into their curriculum in order to help attain Perkins funding as well as to insure an education that is consistent with other SENSE schools across the nation. Learn more about SENSE-compliant training, certificates of completion and more right here.

Whether a school is currently part of the SENSE program or looking to improve a current welding program, this curriculum can help deliver quality instruction in an effective and structured manner.


If you have additional questions or would like to request a demo, please contact Sandra Jorgensen at sjorgensen@aws.org or 1-800-443-9353 Ext. 254