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The welding world is growing at an exponential rate. With each new individual who discovers a passion for the arc, there is a pressing need to develop synchronicity within the industry through the use of standards.

What is a Standard?
Simply stated, a standard is a document used repeatedly as a rule, guideline or definition. It is developed by a committee of experts who work within different areas of a particular industry – this ensures that the standard is well-rounded.

All AWS standards are approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This means that during the standards development process, AWS follows a strict set of rules and requirements that serve to govern not only the standards approval process, but also all of the technical committees responsible for their maintenance.

Specialized Volunteers
AWS standards are supported by volunteers who specialize in various industries and processes: structural, aerospace, railroad, automotive, robotics, shipbuilding and marine, bridges, heavy equipment, piping and tubing, sheet metal, brazing, soldering, plastics, thermal spray, welding product manufacturers, and general applications. AWS also publishes numerous standards and publications on safety and health in welding.

Continued Collaboration
Our publications are developed through a consensus process that brings together over 1,500 volunteers representing varied viewpoints and interests in our 200+ committees, subcommittees and task groups. Purchasing information for all AWS standards and other technical publications is available at the bookstore.

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