RWMA School

RWMA School

Emmet A. Craig Resistance Welding School

RWMA offers this intensive two-day course about the basics of resistance welding once a year at FABTECH. The school is designed to give operators, production supervisors, engineers, and others the opportunity to further their knowledge in the theory, applications, and equipment used in the resistance welding process. Demonstrations and hands-on participation using a classroom welding machine and other auxiliary equipment aid tremendously in the learning process. The course is conducted by accomplished professionals from within the resistance welding industry but by opening the lines of communication you will be given the opportunity to learn at your own pace, ask questions, meet the instructors individually and discuss specific welding concerns.

What is Resistance Welding

What is the Resistance Welding School

Why should I attend the Resistance Welding School

Upcoming School

Emmet A. Craig Resistance Welding School
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois 60616
November 6-9, 2017


Each course session is conducted by carefully selected, accomplished professionals from within the resistance welding industry, you are bound to feel the educational impact these professionals will deliver. There are no quizzes and no exams. But by opening the lines of communication, you will be given the opportunity to learn at your own pace, ask questions, meet the instructors on a one-on-one basis, and discuss individual welding concerns encountered in your own shops.

Tentative Program

Welding Processes & Machines
This session will reinforce the very essence of how the resistance welding process works and how the process relates to each of the four resistance welding processes. This session will be full of application examples from each process, and will show how machinery utilizes the individual components and elements illustrated in the other sessions.

Not all materials are created equal, especially from the perspective of resistance welding. This session will present a brief overview of the most common materials joined by the resistive processes. Don will also highlight specific methodologies for joining them that have proven successful over his 20 years in the resistance welding industry.

Electrodes and Tooling
This session will focus on the classification, selection and maintenance of electrodes and fixtures as they pertain to numerous applications. Discover powerful problem/evaluation/solution techniques that will keep a production process running longer–and operation more efficient.

Electrical Power Systems
This session reviews the descriptions and maintenance of electrical power components and conductors from the weld control to the electrode. This lively presentation has something for everybody. Utilizing several small demonstrations, Mark Siehling will keep attendees on the edge of their seats as he highlights the important part of the resistance welding process.

Welding Controls
This discussion focuses on the selection, descriptions, and applications of welding timers, contractors, and accessories. Packed with a punch, Don Sorenson drives home understanding energy that creates a weld, H=I2rt, that is unforgettable. Learn how this invaluable formula is used in every resistance welding application–every day–every cycle–all the time!

Resistance Spot and Projection Weld Standards and Quality
A unique session designed to make you think about the quality standards associated with two common forms of resistance welding, spot and projection. After hearing Don’s presentation, it is very possible that you will never look or think about a weld the same again.

Initial Machine Set-Up
Mike takes the mystery out of weld program setup by guiding attendees through the steps required to select proper welding schedules. He will also introduce preventive maintenance programs designed to make resistance welding operations more profitable. Hands-on demonstrations peak this presentation.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance
We have been using this Weld Schedule for two years! Why are my weld failing? If your weld schedule hasn't changed, maybe it's not the problem. Mike Prokop will guide you through the process of determining where the problem may be and how to correct it.

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