Membership Information

Membership Information

Impacting the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Industry Through Our Members

The Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA), an industry partner of the American Welding Society, is an active network of industry professionals dedicated to the advancement of resistance welding standards and processes. The alliance supports the industry's highest technical standards, shares best practices and prepares future generations for success. All members have the same rights and privileges and may be officers of the RWMA.

RWMA members include:

  • Machinery – designers, fabricators and builders of resistance welding machinery
  • Component – manufacturers of components and accessories used in the resistance welding process
  • Metallurgy – resistance welding metals specialists working with fabrication and production material requirements
  • Sales and Marketing – Distributors and suppliers of resistance welding machinery, components and accessories
  • Education – Resistance welding instructors and OEM training representatives

As industry partners with the American Welding Society, RWMA members are required to maintain a Corporate Membership with AWS. Annual RWMA membership fees are $700 plus an annual AWS corporate membership fee. If initial applications for AWS and RWMA are being submitted simultaneously, the $750 AWS corporate initiation fee will be waived.

Download the RWMA Membership Application