Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance

Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance

Resistance Welding Manufacturing AllianceResistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA) is an active network of industry professionals that advances resistance welding technologies, supports the highest technical standards for the industry and shares best practices amongst all its members in order to shape the future of our industry for the next generation. Promoting the technology by educating the manufacturing community in documented processes, standards and advancements are critical to keeping resistance welding at the forefront of automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing.


Learn About Resistance Welding

Resistance Welding: Process, Industry, Careers and CertificationThis webinar covers all things resistance welding, from what’s old and what’s new, to how technology’s changing to increase how fast we can weld. We’re also diving into the AWS Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) credential, and much more.

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Blast From The Past: Intro to Resistance WeldingRWMA (Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance) produced an informational video on the resistance welding industry. It highlights the basics of resistance welding as a process, and its opportunities and growth potential. It is fast moving and informative, with extraordinary visuals. It also promotes resistance welding as a potential career path for students. This tool will provide tips for implementing resistance welding into a school’s curriculum, and includes information on occupation-specific competencies.

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