Weld Wednesday with AWS Podcast

Weld Wednesday with AWS Podcast

American Welding Society

Regardless of whether you're a Certified Welder or a Pipefitter, chances are you've run into issues involving WPSs or PQRs, welder qualification requirements, or even career-advancing certifications. We hear your questions, and we're here to help.

Please join us on the first Wednesday of every month as Jason Becker, host of Arc Junkies, and guests from AWS tackle a variety of welding-related topics. Be sure to tune in every month to hear the newest episode.

  • Weld Wednesday with AWS Instagram Live Recording - National Skilled Trades Day
    Just in case you missed this evening’s Weld Wednesday With AWS Instagram live which is National Skilled Trades Day, we are proud to present the podcast featuring guest and jack-of-all-trades, Rae Ripple.  Rae's new book is being released this week, she has published a welding themed children's book which we are looking forward to helping her promote. She will also be discussing a recent sculpture project she collaborated on with a group of students from the AWS club at Penn College, the Welding Digest recently featured an article about the project.
  • Weld Wednesday with AWS Instagram Live Recording - National Welding Month
    In case you missed this evening’s Weld Wednesday With AWS Instagram live featuring Tom Mulvihill @weld.tom Josh Pawley with @vectis_automation and Matt Contini from @lincolnelectric hosted by Jason Becker with @arcjunkiespodcast you can see the entire live here. Happy National Welding Month Everyone.
  • Episode 15 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - An Instructors Point of View with Rachel Lee
    In this episode, I am chatting with Rachel Lee. Rachel is a Welding Instructor at Fortis College in Georgia. Rachel started her AWS journey as a student member and worked her way up to an Executive member of the AWS Atlanta Section.
  • Episode 14 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - Qualification vs. Certification with Daryl Peterson
    In this episode we discuss a very controversial topic in the welding Industry. We often hear about welders claiming to be "Certified" and then getting called out on social media as being "Qualifed" not Certified. Well, Daryl has done some deep digging through the different codes and standards and has come up with an answer that will hopefully settle this debate. Daryl Peterson is a SCWI and the District Director for District 5 of the American Welding Society.
  • Episode 13 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - The State of the Welding Industry with Gary Konarska
    In this episode of Weld Wednesday with AWS, I am talking to Gary Konarska about the welding industry as it pertains to welder shortages and supply chain issues. AWS just released a new website to capture the data on welder shortages, average cost of schools and salaries across the US.
  • Episode 12 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - Codes and Standards with Peter Portela
    In this month’s #weldwednesday podcast, we're talking Codes and Standards. We all know that we have to follow them when doing code work, but how are they developed? Who writes them? who approves them? Tune in to find out all of these answers and more.
  • Episode 11 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - The Benefit of Section Meetings
    In this month’s #weldwednesday podcast, is all about getting involved with your local AWS sections. Today's guest is Darrill Gaschler who is the Senior Manager of Sections and Student Chapters. Darrill is a great resource for local sections and today we discuss how and why you should start attending section meetings if you haven’t done so already.
  • Episode 10 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - Putting Your VA Benefits to Work for You
    In this month’s #weldwednesday podcast, I am talking to Erich Posdzich Owner and Operator of BDB Fabrication and Monica Pfarr Executive Director, AWS Foundation. We discuss how you can put your Military Benefits to work for you when it comes to welding. Whether it's getting your CWI, CWE, CWS, or even becoming a Certified Welder. We also talk about a new initiative for Active Duty and Reserve Service Members to learn welding as a career. Get a pen and your note pad out, we're getting ready to drop bombs of information on you.
  • Episode 9 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - Debunking the 100K myth
    In this month’s #weldwednesday podcast, we had the very first live episode of Weld Wednesday w/AWS brought to you by the @americanweldingsociety with special guests Nick Bezates @bezatesn Chloe Hudson @arcweldingangel Chandler Vincent @weldermade and your host Jason Becker @arcjunkiespodcast  Join us as we debunk the myth of a 100K salary in the welding industry and answer various questions from the audience.
  • Episode 8 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - Changes to the D1.1 2020 Structural Welding Code
    In this month’s #weldwednesday podcast I am talking with Daryl Peterson about the several changes in the D1.1 2020 edition of the Structural Steel Code. If you are a current CWI this is a great overview of the changes that have taken place. If you are planning on taking the CWI Exam soon, this is a great episode to hear about what things you may want to consider to help you prepare for the exam.
  • Episode 7 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - Building Your Network
    In this month’s #weldwednesday podcast we'll talk about the importance of building your professional network through the American Welding Society. Jason Becker talks with welders in his own network, Stephanie Hoffman, Travis Jumper, and Jeremy Whittemore about how vital it is to have a strong network within the community. They discuss the friends and acquaintances they’ve met along the way and how it has allowed them to take their careers to the next level!
  • Episode 6 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - Student Sections
    In this episode we're making history on the show, we have 4 guests on to discuss AWS Student Sections. We are joined by Darrill Gashler who is the Senior Manager of Sections and Student Chapters with the AWS, Cindy Galbavy and her Student Byren Stoner from the Helana High School Student Section in Helana Montana and Lyle Palm the Chief Academics Officer at Workshops for Warriors. In this episode we are talking all about AWS Student Sections and how and why you should get involved. This is an opportunity that I wish I had when I was welding in High School. There are so many benefits for students participating in AWS Student Sections.
  • Episode 5 – Weld Wednesday with AWS - The Foundation
    In this episode, I am chatting with John Douglas with the AWS Foundation about Scholarships and additional resources provided by the AWS that you may not be aware of. There is something in this episode for everyone to include students, educators, schools, professional welders etc. We also discuss the impact that these scholarships and resources can have with Shane Goslin, a past recipient of an AWS National and District Scholarship.
  • Episode 4 – Arc 2 Art Project with Stephanie Hoffman and Barbie the Welder
    In this episode, I am chatting with the ladies behind the all new Arc 2 Art Sculpture. Once completed the sculpture will tour the U.S. in the AWS Careers in Welding Trailer. The sculpture is the collaborated work of Artists Stephanie Hoffman and Barbie the Welder. What makes this sculpture so unique is that each artist is working on it from two separate locations. Barbie is in New York Building the Sculpture, and Stephanie is in New Jersey building the stand, welding hood, and all of the accessories. This is an epic build between 2 very talented artists.
  • Episode 3 – How's and Why's of WPS's and PRQ's with Dr. Scott Helzer
    In this episode, I am talking with Dr. Scott Helzer about WPS's and PQR's. Dr. Scott is a wealth of information when it comes to documentation and the science of welding.
  • Episode 2 – It's Okay to Screw Things Up, with Nate Bowman
    Nate Bowman is a CWI, CWE, and CWS. Today we talk about the process of becoming a Certified Welding Supervisor and some of the advantages of becoming a CWS as well as some of the benefits for employers to hire a CWS.
  • Episode 1 – What Does a District Director Do?, with Howard Record
    Certified Welding Inspector and Welding Engineer Howard Record District Director of District 5. Howard talks about his journey and how the AWS has helped him advance his career through the benefits and services they offer to their members.