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Sustaining Company

Sustaining Company


If your organization prioritizes continuous improvement and learning; collaborative connections with other leaders in the field; and the opportunity to shape the future of the welding industry; a Sustaining Company membership is your most inclusive and influential level.

List of Current Sustaining Company Members

AWS Sustaining Company Members

  1. Solidify industry relationships through participation in AWS programs, committees, conferences and networking events
  2. Build continuous learning into the culture of their organizations, seeking to elevate their own and their teams’ expertise at the best value possible
  3. Collaborate with other leaders to develop and refine best practices, procedures, and processes that benefit the industry at large
  4. Participate in shaping the future of our industry for the next generation

When you join as a Sustaining Company, you can select a Primary Benefit from the following three options. More information about these options is available under the Benefits tab on this page.

  1. AWS Standards eLibrary for Sustaining Company Members
  2. OR AWS Standards Hard Copy Library for Sustaining Company Members
  3. OR 10 additional AWS Individual Memberships

See ALL Sustaining Company Member Benefits in the BENEFITS tab below.

Annual Dues

Annual Dues for New Domestic Sustaining Company Members are
    $880.00 + $750 initiation fee
Annual Dues or New International Sustaining Company Member
    $880.00 + $750 initiation fee

Annual Dues for Renewing Domestic Sustaining Company Members are $880.00
Annual Dues or Renewing International Sustaining Company Member $880.00

Are your employees already AWS members? Get pro-rated dues pricing:
AWS will pro-rate your company's dues if there are employees with current AWS individual memberships. Call the AWS Membership Department at 800.443.9353 and select option 4.

Join Now

Join Online

AWS Sustaining Member Application in PDF format

Or Call 800.443.9353, option 4 (inside the U.S. and Canada)
305.443.9353, option 4 (outside the U.S. and Canada)


Primary Benefit - Choose ONE of these options.

CLICK HERE to view a webinar recording to learn more about the Sustaining Company Primary Benefit options.

  1. AWS Standards eLibrary for Sustaining Company Members
    • Nearly 160 AWS Technical Standards accessible online (read-only)
    • 24/7 access via a single integrated environment
    • Text searchable for quick information retrieval
    • Access at a single site with a valid IP address
    • User-friendly interface, giving clickable access to resources
    • Valued at $12,000
    • Download the Sustaining Library List in PDF
    • View list of Frequent Questions Related to the eLibrary
  2. OR AWS Standards Hard Copy Library for Sustaining Company Members
    Requires one-time library set-up fee of $2,020 ($2,420 for international members.)
    • Nearly 160 AWS Technical Standards
    • Valued at $12,000
    • Download the Sustaining Library List in PDF
    • After the first year, an option additional fee of $350 ($450 for international members) will be assessed along with membership renewal to be eligible for twice-annual updates to included Standards.
    • Also inculdes access to AWS Standards eLibrary for Sustaining Company Members
  3. OR 10 additional AWS Individual Memberships: (These 10 memberships are in addition to the 10 you already get with Sustaining Company membership. So you would receive 20 memberships in total. (A $880 value).

As a Sustaining Company Member, you also receive ALL these benefits:

  • 10 Individual Memberships on your Corporate Membership Roster that are “owned” by the company, to distribute to company employees or customers, who each receive full Individual Member Benefits, which includes:
  • Engraved AWS Sustaining Company Member wall plaque to show your company's relationship with the American Welding Society
  • Exclusive usage of the AWS Sustaining Company Member logo on your company’s letterhead and promotional material for a competitive edge
  • Free company listing and hyperlink from AWS’s 100,000 visitors-a-month website, www.aws.org, to your company’s website
  • 2 complimentary seats annually in the AWS Learning Online Educational Library. The member company can choose to give both seats to one roster member to allow them to take two courses, or give the 2 seats to two different roster members allowing both people to take one course each. The individual receiving the seats must be listed on the company’s membership roster, and the course selected must be one of the courses listed online at: https://awo.aws.org/aws-learning-online-educational-library/. To take advantage of this benefit, the Primary Contact for an active Sustaining Company member should contact the AWS Membership department at membership@aws.org or 800.443.9353, Option 4.
  • 5% Discount on Welding Journal advertising, including Inspection Trends and Welding Marketplace or other advertising opportunities in the AWS Media Kit
  • Discount on advertising within the online AWS Welding Buyer's Guide and the This Week in Welding newsbrief
  • 25% discount on tabletop exhibit space at exhibitions held in conjunction with AWS Conferences
  • 25% discount on job postings on Jobsinwelding.com, and a 50% on job postings in April and October of each year (Contact AWS for discount code to take advantage of this benefit.)
  • Free admission to FABTECH Expo
  • Opportunity to network with welding professionals in your area through involvement with your local AWS Section
  • Discounts on business products and services through programs with AWS partners

Please view the full list of Sustaining Company Benefits in PDF format.

Workforce Recruitment

Find your next star employee at jobsinwelding.com.  Once you create an account you can post open positions, and review resumes from available candidates.  Posting internships is FREE for a 60 day posting.

Sustaining Company Members receive a 50% on job postings in April and October of each year. (Contact AWS for discount code to take advantage of this benefit.)

Partner Programs

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Additional Membership Options for Sustaining Companies


AWS Member Network

AWS Member Network

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AWS Merchandise

Lands' End

Purchase Merchandise through our Lands’ End Store

AWS Members who wish to order AWS merchandise in quantity (12 or more) receive special pricing through our partnership with Staples. For more information, please contact 800.990.5431

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