Upcoming AWS Section Meetings

Upcoming AWS Section Meetings

The Heart of AWS: Our Sections

Sections are the foundation of AWS: these locally-based groups shape the continued strength and advancement of our global organization and the welding industry in general.

And with the world becoming more connected than ever, AWS Section meetings are becoming more accessible than ever before. 

Review the list of upcoming AWS Section meetings below, and make plans to join in on any you are interested in participating in. 

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AWS St. Louis Section 2021 - 2022 Tentative Schedule

AWS Utah Section - 2021/22 Tentative Schedule: In-Person Meetings on 1/19 and 4/20

May 27th - AWS Houston Section - In-Person: Barney Burks Classic Sporting Clay Shoot

May 31st - AWS Alberta Section - In-Person: Welders Night - Plant Tour of Raptor Mining

June 2nd - AWS Boston & Central Mass/Rhode Island Sections - In-Person/Online: Welder/Vendor Event

June 2nd - AWS Nebraska Section - In-Person: Valmont Site Tour

June 3-4th - AWS Kansas City Section - In-Person: 2022 AWS District 16 Annual Meeting

June 4th - District 20 - In-Person: District Director Election at 2022 AWS District 20 Conference

June 6th - AWS Northwest Section - In-Person: 42nd Annual Golf Event

June 7th - AWS Dayton Section - In-Person: Additive Manufacturing Using 3D Modeling

June 8th - AWS West Michigan Section - In-Person: 2022 Annual Scholarship Fundraiser

June 9th - AWS Columbus Section - In-Person: Annual Golf Outing and Social

June 11th - AWS Niagara Frontier Section - In-Person: Griffis Sculpture Park Community Service

June 15th - AWS Eastern Iowa Section - In-Person: Kinze Manufacturing Facility tour

June 17-18th - AWS District 8 - In-Person: District 8 Conference

June 18th - AWS North Texas Section - In-Person: Tim Hatten CWI/CWEng Memorial Fundraiser

June 23-25th - AWS North Texas Section - In-Person: Welding Series Instructors Seminar & Workshop

June 24th - AWS Northwest Ohio Section - In-Person: 2022 Golf Outing

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