Section Toolkit

Section Toolkit

The AWS Section Toolkit includes a wide variety of resources to assist Section officers and teams in organizing and operating day-to-day Section activities. Just a few of the components you’ll find:

  • "How-to" manuals
  • Practical, time-saving templates for letters, award certificates and for recording meeting minutes
  • Valuable advice on the purpose and importance of District Conferences, and why your Section should be represented
  • Proven ideas for upcoming meetings and events from attendees who have participated in past Leadership Symposiums
  • Plus many more helpful tools

We welcome your suggestions:
If you have recommendations on additions to the Section Toolkit, or if your Section uses a template you believe would be helpful to other Sections, please share your ideas with us. Contact Darrill Gaschler at 800-443-9353 x 260 or

  • Section, International Section and Student Chapter annual report forms

  • Description, criteria and nomination forms for awards Section/District/National awards

  • Purpose and importance of District Conferences, and why your Section should attend

  • Important District Director information

  • Variety of forms and templates for Section use

  • Annual event held in Miami (Doral), Florida

  • Annual event held in Miami (Doral), Florida

  • Sample letter templates for day-to-day Section use

  • Section organization and operations manuals

  • Increase attendance by awarding PDHs
  • Section-sponsored best practices

  • Postcard templates
  • Take advantage of the online Section Tool
  • Information on mailing labels, electronic rosters, "hot sheets," and roster changes

  • AWS Welder Training Scholarship Overview
  • Welder Training Scholarship page link

  • Useful links
  • Eventbrite
  • Purchasing AWS publications as a fundraiser
  • Publication resell policy
  • Section websites

  • AWS Section Logos

  • Insightful AWS videos

Become a Skilled Tradeperson

Popular Mechanics

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AWS Member Network

AWS Member Network

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AWS Merchandise

Lands' End

Purchse Merchandise through our Lands’ End Store

AWS Members who wish to order AWS merchandise in quantity (12 or more) receive special pricing through our partnership with Staples. For more information, please contact Keila DeMoraes at 1-800-443-9353 Ext. 444

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