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Section Toolkit


The AWS Section Toolkit is intended to provide Section Officers with the information and resources needed to support Section activity. 

PLEASE NOTE: The new Section Toolkit is searchable! Simply use Ctrl+F (Command+F for Mac users) to open a search box that can be used to find the resource you are looking for. 

The Section Toolkit will be updated periodically to ensure that content we feel is of value to our Section leadership teams is available. If there is a specific resource you are looking for and cannot find it in the Section Toolkit, please email dgaschler@aws.org

Request Forms

The pages linked below will direct you to the Section Request Form and Welding Journal Submission Form.

The Section Request Form is to be used to submit a request to AWS HQ for support. Examples include having an announcement distributed to the members of your Section/District, a website update, a Facebook post, or requesting access to an AWS-provided online meeting account. 

Click here to complete the Section Request Form.

The Welding Journal Submission Form is to be used to report happenings of Section meetings/events as well as to have Section activity considered for publication in an upcoming issue of the Welding Journal.

Click here to complete the Welding Journal Submission Form.

Manuals and Policies

Organizational Manual for Sections, Divisions and International Sections

Guidelines for establishing a new AWS Section, Division or International Section
*Last revised 2/16/2018

AWS Manual of Operations for Sections and Divisions

Need to know how to run your Section? This manual provides all you need to know in a searchable pdf.
*Last revised 5/18/2018

Suggested Duties and Responsibilities for Section Officers and Committee Chairmen

This document outlines the various roles and responsibilities of Section Officers and Committee Chairmen and explains how these positions are filled. A must-read for Sections who want to ensure they are utilizing voluntary leadership in the most effective way. 
*Last revised 12/8/2017

Treasurer's Tutorial & Guidance

These guidelines are designed to supplement the AWS Manual of Operations For Sections and Divisions and bring the best business practices for Sections’ Treasury operations. Each Section should review, analyze and evaluate these guidelines and make necessary changes in its existing operations.

Section Compliance Checklist 

This tool is intended to be used to provide Section Officers with a quick overview of best/required practices for the operation of a healthy and productive Section. Click here to view a webinar that was conducted on September 26th to provide an overview of the checklist and review of the recommended practices. This is suggested viewing for all Section Chairman and Treasurers. 

AWS Whistleblower Policy
This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable Employees and others to raise serious concerns internally, so that AWS can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions.

Publication Purchases and Resell Policies
AWS Sections are entitled to receive a discount on AWS produced publications. It is recommended that the proceeds from selling these publications be used toward the Section’s scholarship fund. The Section discount is 40% off the list price.

  • For the procedure on ordering AWS publications using the Section 40% discount, click here.
  • Section Officers, especially those tasked with the resale of publications by your Section, should be aware of, and understand, the AWS Board-approved resell policies.

Recommended Procedures for Conducting a SkillsUSA Welding Contest - 4th Edition

This publication has been prepared using the experience gained in local, national and international SkillsUSA contests to provide a guide for those wishing to run a SkillsUSA welding skills contest at any level.
*Last revised 2005

Forms & Templates

Before your Meeting/Event

Liability Insurance
Depending on the circumstances, Sections may be required to obtain liability insurance for an event(s). Email AWS Sr. Manager, Sections and Student Chapters, Darrill A. Gaschler (dgaschler@aws.org) to request a Liability Insurance request form.

Post Card Templates
Both the New Jersey and Philadelphia Sections have provided the templates they use for sending Members reminders to be sure their contact information is updated and current. The Philadelphia Section also submitted their template for meeting reminders.
Click here to download the post card templates.

During your Meeting/Event

Cash Receipt Template
Click here to download a template which can be used for creating a cash receipt for Section use.

Recording Minutes

After your Meeting/Event

Evaluation Form
Click here to download a form which may be helpful to Section Officers who wish to gauge the success of Section meetings and special events.

Other Commonly Used Forms and Templates

Monthly Section Reconciliation Form and Instructions
For use in tracking Section finances throughout the year, as well as in completing the Section's annual financial report.
Click here to download the Section Reconciliation Form. 

Invoice Template
Click here to download a template which can be used to create a Section invoice.

AWS Section News

A monthly newsletter distributed to all active Section leaders geared toward keeping you informed of news you can use to enhance your Section's impact. 

Most Recent:

December 2021

  1. AWS Section Solutions Conversations
    • 12/15: CWI Roundtable w/ District 10 Director Tom Kostreba
  2. Students Invited to Apply to Attend the 2022 AWS Leadership Symposium 
    • Application deadline is February 11, 2022!
  3. 2021 Section Rebate and Anniversary Payment is on its way
    • Eligible Sections to receive check by end of calendar year
  4. AWS Foundation Update
    • Applications Now Open for 2022-23 AWS Scholarships
  5. AWS Education
    • 2022 In-Person and Online Seminar & Exam Schedules
  6. 2022 AWS Conferences & Events

Links to past Section News can be found on the AWS Section News page.

AWS Section Solutions Conversations

Section Solutions Conversations

These monthly online meetings are intended to enhance ties between AWS HQ and AWS Section leaders by providing timely updates and tips on Section operations.

Next Up: January 2022

January 26, 2022
Offered at two different times in January!

Join Us on Wednesday, January 26 to hear updates from AWS HQ and a presentation on Rethinking Engagement. 

Click here to join us at 11:00AM EST

Click here to join us at 9:00PM EST


Recordings of past conversations can be found on the AWS Section Solutions Conversations page.

NEW! Digital Marketing Kit for AWS Sections

Content to be posted on the new Digital Marketing Kit for Sections page soon.

AWS Speakers Directory

The AWS Speakers Directory has been developed to help AWS Sections and Student Chapters identify the presenters needed to facilitate meaningful educational and technical programs.

If you are an AWS District, Section, or Student Chapter leader looking for a speaker for an upcoming meeting/event, please contact AWS Sr. Manager, Sections and Student Chapters, Darrill A. Gaschler (dgaschler@aws.org) to attain access to the AWS Speakers Directory. 

If you are a speaker interested in sharing your experience in – and passion for – the industry while educating and inspiring others, being listed in the AWS Speakers Directory can help you achieve that goal. 
Please visit aws.org/speakers to complete the AWS Speakers Directory Speaker Information Form and share your experience and passion with us. 

Online Meeting Resources

AWS has seen many of our Sections begin to host meetings and events online to ensure Section activity can continue despite limitations on in-person gatherings, and we are grateful for that. An added benefit has been that Sections have become more accessible to members who live outside of the traditional "hubs" of Section activity – a bonus we are excited to experience.

Visit our Online Meeting Resources page to learn about how AWS is providing support for online meetings. 

Awarding PDH

Sections can award Professional Development Hours (PDH) for meetings/events where technical presentations that cover one or more of the areas indicated in AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors, are given. PDHs will be credited based upon each contact hour of activity, consisting of not less than 50 minutes of instruction. Currently, a maximum of 20 PDHs may be accepted for 9-year CWI and SCWI recertifications.

AWS QC1:2016, Specification for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors (QC1:2016 AMD 1) includes an overview of PDHs and the many different ways a candidate can achieve them.

One question we are receiving often as more meetings/events turn to a virtual format is;
"Does our Section's online meeting/event qualify?"

16.5.1 of AWS QC1:2016 notes that:
PDHs may be earned by participating in any classroom, correspondence, or distance learning in one or more subject areas listed in AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors, Table 1.

How does our Section inform AWS of PDHs we have awarded?

Sections are asked to complete this form each time they host a technical presentation in which they issued Professional Development Hours (PDH) to attendees. Information submitted via this form will go into a database that will allow AWS Certification personnel to easily review the event details which will help AWS provide better support for Certification candidates who are seeking to apply PDHs to initial certification and renewal. 

Some Sections also use this Meeting Attendance Log to keep track of meeting attendees should the AWS Certification Department need to verify a certification candidate’s record of attendance.

*The AWS Section Officer Community – the “cloud” storage that AWS HQ provides to all active AWS Sections, upon request – is a great place to store documents like this for long-term safekeeping.


Section/District/National Awards
Description and criteria for awards selected at your annual District Conferences can be found beginning on page 54 of the Manual of Operations for Sections and Divisions. Nomination forms can be found via the links below. 
Note: Complete nomination packages for National-level nominations for these awards must be submitted to National for review and selection by the National Awards Committee.

Suggested Guidelines for Selecting Awardees


Additional Resources

2020 AWS Executive Director and Staff Update

Click here to view the 2020 AWS Executive Director and Staff Update webinar that was conducted on Monday, June 1, 2020, providing a detailed presentation of the 2020 AWS Executive Director and Staff Update that would be provided during AWS District Conferences.  

Use the links below to skip forward to different portions of the video that may be of greatest interest to you:

1. Welcome from AWS Executive Director & CEO, Gary Konarska II - 1:54
2. Membership - 7:24
3. Section Services - 11:04
4. Certification - 16:44
5. Education - 21:53
6. Expositions - 30:06
7. Publications - 31:55
8. Standards Development - 36:00
9. Sales & Customer Service - 38:06
10. Awards (WEMCO Excellence in Welding, AWS Distinguished Member Award, and AWS Distinguished Welder Award) - 44:08 
11. AWS Foundation - 47:20

Resources for Interactions with Educators, Counselors, Students and Parents
In response to a recommendation from the Membership Committee, the AWS Foundation has put together some presentations and resources for you to use in interactions with educators, counselors, students, and parents. Contact Joe Young, Senior Manager, Workforce Development (jyoung@aws.org) for the most up-to-date slide presentation related to careers in welding and scholarship and grant opportunities.

The Careers in Welding website is a great source of information on the many job opportunities available in the welding industry. The direct link to the site is www.careersinwelding.com.

The AWS Foundation also has materials and handouts related to career and scholarship promotion that can be requested by contacting Nazdhia Prado at nprado@aws.org.

This video link is to “Why You Should Become a Welder”, a video developed by WEMCO as part of the Weld & Shine program.

We appreciate your help in highlighting the many career opportunities available in welding and encouraging students to apply for our scholarships! Any questions, feel free to contact Joe Young, Senior Manager, Workforce Development (jyoung@aws.org) or John Douglass, Associate Director, Foundation (jdouglass@aws.org).

Instructor's Institute

The AWS Instructors Institute provides welding instructors an opportunity to enhance and strengthen their teaching skills, experience hands-on learning of new teaching techniques, and learn more about AWS programs such as SENSE. Meeting together with other instructors, the participants will be able to communicate and share their experiences in a setting that is devoted to their specific concerns. Each year, a welding instructor is selected at each of the 22 District Conferences to attend the institute, held at AWS HQ in Doral (Miami), Florida.

Click here to learn more about the Instructors Institute, including the next date and application information. 

2021 AWS Section Annual Report

The 2021 AWS Section Annual Report is now online! 

Please note that the 2021 AWS Section Annual Reports are due July 1, 2021.
Reports received by AWS World Headquarters after July 1, 2021 will invoke a penalty of 25% to be deducted from the Section Rebate of member dues. Reports received after September 15, 2020 will incur a 75% penalty.

Please be advised: The Section Annual Report is a bylaw requirement of the American Welding Society (AWS). The Section Annual Report covers the fiscal year - June 1 to May 31 - and must be received by AWS World Headquarters in order for AWS to issue an Anniversary Payment and Dues Rebate to your Section.

Please click the appropriate link below to view details relating to the Annual Report your Section should be completing.

Domestic Sections - all Sections in North America (including Mexico, the United States, and Canada)

2021 AWS Section Annual Report - Part I (Secretary's Report)

*Part II (Treasurer’s Report) will be distributed to all active domestic (North American Sections) Section Treasurers via email in early June. 

International Sections - any/all Sections outside of North America

To be posted in late May

District Directors

District Director materials are now available for you to view on SpecBuilder. To access SpecBuilder, please visit https://my.aws.org/specbuilder.

To locate files go to  242 - DISTC - Districts Council and then Files. Once you select a folder scroll to the bottom of the page to the file chart and download the file to would like to view.

Available resources include the District Director Manual, District Director Fund forms and guidelines, Annual Reports, District Conference Minutes, and a variety of samples.

For help logging into and navigating SpecBuilder please visit https://www.aws.org/standards/page/aws-specbuilder-faqs.

Call for Speakers

AWS Speakers Directory - Call for Speakers
AWS Welding Buyers Guide

AWS Member Network

AWS Member Network

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