Section Toolkit


The AWS Section Toolkit is intended to provide Section Officers with the information and resources needed to support Section activity. 

PLEASE NOTE: The new Section Toolkit is searchable! Simply use Ctrl+F (Command+F for Mac users) to open a search box that can be used to find the resource you are looking for. 

The Section Toolkit will be updated periodically to ensure that content we feel is of value to our Section leadership teams is available. If there is a specific resource you are looking for and cannot find it in the Section Toolkit, please email

Request Forms

The pages linked below will direct you to the Section Announcement Form and Welding Journal Submission Form.

The Section Announcement Form is to be used to submit a request for an announcement to be made to the members of your Section/District. Simply provide the information you would like to have announced and the method(s) by which you would like to have the information distributed. 

Click here to complete the Section Announcement Form.

The Welding Journal Submission Form is to be used to submit a request to have Section activity considered for publication in an upcoming issue of the Welding Journal.

Click here to complete the Welding Journal Submission Form.


Organizational Manual for Sections, Divisions and International Sections

Guidelines for establishing a new AWS Section, Division or International Section
*Last revised 2/16/2018

AWS Manual of Operations for Sections and Divisions

Need to know how to run your Section? This manual provides all you need to know in a searchable pdf.
*Last revised 5/18/2018

Suggested Duties and Responsibilities for Section Officers and Committee Chairmen

This document outlines the various roles and responsibilities of Section Officers and Committee Chairmen and explains how these positions are filled. A must-read for Sections who want to ensure they are utilizing voluntary leadership in the most effective way. 
*Last revised 12/8/2017

Treasurer's Tutorial & Guidance

These guidelines are designed to supplement the AWS Manual of Operations For Sections and Divisions and bring the best business practices for Sections’ Treasury operations. Each Section should review, analyze and evaluate these guidelines and make necessary changes in its existing operations.

Section Compliance Checklist 

This tool is intended to be used to provide Section Officers with a quick overview of best/required practices for the operation of a healthy and productive Section. Click here to view a webinar that was conducted on September 26th to provide an overview of the checklist and review of the recommended practices. This is suggested viewing for all Section Chairman and Treasurers. 

Recommended Procedures for Conducting a SkillsUSA Welding Contest - 4th Edition

This publication has been prepared using the experience gained in local, national and international SkillsUSA contests to provide a guide for those wishing to run a SkillsUSA welding skills contest at any level.
*Last revised 2005

Resources (Unique to AWS)

Section Solutions Conversations

These monthly teleconference conversations are intended to enhance ties between AWS HQ and AWS Sections and Student Chapters by providing timely updates and tips on Section operations.
Recordings of past conversations are linked below:

September 2018 - Introduction to AWS Section-Support Staff

October 2018 - Member Highlight: Ben Newcomb; Instructor at Madison College, 2018 Chair of the AWS Madison-Beloit Section, and past AWS Student Chapter leader.

November 2018 - Diversity and Inclusion

January 2019 - AWS Foundation Scholarships
*Please note that an updated presentation on this topic will be conducted in January 2020.

February 2019 - Reporting Section News to the Welding Journal
*Please note that a new Welding Journal Submission Form is in place. It is linked near the top of this Section Toolkit. 

March 2019 - Communicating with Members: Effective Practices for Email and Social Media

April 2019 - AWS District Conferences - What to Expect

June 2019 - How to Inform and Motivate New Leaders

July 2019 - How to Welcome New Members

August 2019 - Hosting Successful Events 

September 2019 - Successful Student Engagement

AWS Section News Newsletter

Links to the past 12 months of the AWS Section News Newsletter will be posted here.

AWS Welding Buyers Guide

AWS Member Network

AWS Member Network

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AWS Merchandise

Lands' End

Purchse Merchandise through our Lands’ End Store

AWS Members who wish to order AWS merchandise in quantity (12 or more) receive special pricing through our partnership with Staples. For more information, please contact Keila DeMoraes at 1-800-443-9353 Ext. 444

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