AWS member benefits are designed to support the growth of both the industry and the people who work in it. This year, make your AWS membership work as hard as you do to advance your career, connect to our deep technical knowledge base and save on AWS products and services.






"Being a member of AWS has helped me keep a network of folks, stay in touch with the industry, and given me opportunities to get involved. I want my students to have those same opportunities."

"That’s the beauty of this forum. Lots of knowledgeable people, who, when they don’t know, [they] do know where to start looking. The network has so much to offer. And along with that, there is the advantage of constantly being inspired and challenged to learn, remember, and keep using all of that information."

"Networking is my biggest goal. It’s very key in terms of information sharing, understanding the industry and where it’s going; it’s an excellent way to have a good understanding of your industry."



As an AWS Member, you have access to the resources of a society that’s been around for over 100 years. This includes the AWS Member Network, which allows you to ask or answer technical question with your peers, exchange ideas, and network virtually. Discover all the ways you can make AWS membership work as hard as you do to with discounts on certifications, seminars and exams, conferences and events, and much more.

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