Four New Cobots Are Showcasing a New Era of Automation

February 2024

Cobot Offers High-Performance Strength and Mobility

Created by Universal Robots (, the UR30 is a compact, 30-kg (66-lb) payload collaborative robot (cobot). The cobot enables extraordinary lift. Its motion control ensures the perfect placement of large payloads. This allows it to work at higher speeds and lift heavier loads. The cobot is ideal for several applications, including machine tending, material handling, and high-torque screw driving. It uses multiple grippers at the same time to remove finished parts and load more material in one single pass. As a result, the high payload shortens changeover times and maximizes productivity. It can handle larger and higher-output torque tools with a steady mode feature for straight and consistent screw driving. The UR30 has a small footprint, enabling it to fit into almost all workspaces. Weighing 63.5 kg (140 lb), it can also be easily moved between work cells. Its material handling and palletizing of heavy products across all industries relieves heavy lifting for users.


Cobot Empowers the Workforce and Supports Production Needs

WD Feb 24 - Four New Cobots Is Showcasing a New Era of Automation
 - Fig. 2

Produced by Airgas® (, the BotX™ XSR presents a simplified automated welding system. Production capacity can be scaled up or down to meet business needs with no capital investment. The cobot is available through short- or long-term rental, lease, or purchase programs. Setup and training are included as well as app-based and personalized virtual support. The cobot welding system comes with online and offline system options to help leverage any existing workforce. Welding parameters are simple to install and teach to complete welding processes. Its cloud-based welding library ensures control over operations, including voltage, wire feed speed, and torch travel speed. Production fluctuations are managed easily through the cobot’s scalable design as well. The on-demand, automated welding system enables manufacturers to bid on larger jobs previously out of reach.


Torch Extracts Fumes to Protect Welders and Weld Quality

WD Feb 24 - Four New Cobots Is Showcasing a New Era of Automation
 - Fig. 3

Made by ABICOR BINZEL® (, the xFUME® ABIROB® AF500 is a welding fume extraction solution designed for use with cobots and certain industrial robot welding applications. This integrated fume extraction air-cooled torch removes fumes directly at the source while maintaining weld quality. One benefit it offers is the elimination of bulky sleeves and tubing often associated with traditional fume extraction systems. The slim profile allows cobots and industrial robots to reach their weldments without obstruction. It can be directly mounted and connected to most major cobot brands, providing compatibility and flexibility.


Cobot Simplifies Automated Welding with App-Based Software

WD Feb 24 - Four New Cobots Is Showcasing a New Era of Automation
 - Fig. 4

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products ( offers a cobot option for gas metal arc and pulsed gas metal arc welding applications on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys features a 5- × 10-ft table with a UR20 robot arm that provides 35% more reach and a 67% higher payload to accommodate larger parts. The system uses the same software app that runs on a standard smartphone or tablet (Apple iOS or Android) and Smart Puck to hand-guide the torch and record its position with the push of a button. Operators can easily create a weld sequence. The cloud-connected company software app offers free, fast in-app support from a team of experts who respond to inquiries in two minutes or less. Users also have access to knowledge articles and an extensive list of tutorials. The app automatically stores weld sequences, enabling them to be recalled even if they are deleted from a device. Charts, photos, and files can be added to track production data and consumables use as well as share part programs between cobots. The cobot itself costs a fraction of a pre-engineered robot cell, does not require a programmer, ships quickly, and deploys in hours.