Product & Print Showcase

Product & Print Showcase
August 2023

Kit Prepares Users for API and ASNT Oil and Gas Sector Exams

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The Oil & Gas Sector UT – Shear Wave Kit gets users ready for the American Petroleum Institute (API) Qualification of Ultrasonic Testing Examiners Detection (QUTE) and Sizing (QUSE) exams as well as the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Industry Sector Qualification — Oil & Gas (ISQ-O&G) UT shear wave (UTSW) exam. The kit is designed to emulate the API and ASNT O&G-UTSW-4 Revision 00 protocols and assist in the training and testing of UT technicians for both conventional and phased array UT. The kit contains 12 flaws covering both fabrication and in-service indications to be evaluated in four specimens. Flaws are randomly placed, with two to four flaws per specimen. If multiple kits are purchased, flaw placements will be mixed. The kit comes with a document package that includes a certificate of conformance, as-built computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, measuring and test equipment certificates, and test sheets.

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Handheld Rotating Bolt Hole Scanner Achieves Variable Speeds

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The ECS-4 handheld rotating bolt hole scanner boasts variable speeds of 125–2250 rpm and increased torque over the ECS-1 model. It utilizes a rotary transformer to couple eddy current signals from the probe to the instrument. The lightweight, 7-oz scanner also showcases an ergonomic form factor, with the probe exiting at a right angle from the scanner. Its three buttons for null, erase, and on/off are within easy reach of the user’s thumb. Compatible eddy current instruments include the EVi as well as the EddyView® II, Pro, and Premium models. The scanner also operates on the NORTEC® 600 and 2000 eddy current flaw detectors. Additionally, the probe features a four-pin Fischer connector with O-rings. Compatible probe styles include the URB, URBA, US-5000, and SSB as well as other brands’ probes.

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Online Store Features a Wide Selection of PAUT Probes

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The Vermon NDT online store ( provides customers around the world with access to a wide range of a phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) probes to facilitate how professionals in the nondestructive examination industry obtain their equipment. The company’s PAUT probes are compatible with all instrument and system connectors, providing seamless integration into existing setups. The online store offers contact, immersion, and dual-matrix PAUT probes with almost 2000 configurations. Customers can also find an extensive selection of wedges to complement their application requirements.

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Next-Gen Scanner Enables Two-Axis Corrosion Mapping

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The next-generation HydroFORM™ two-axis encoding corrosion mapping scanner increases the efficiency of phased array scanning. Equipped with the ScanDeck™ module and an integrated index axis encoder, the improved model is easy to deploy and allows one-person operation. It also addresses a broader range of inspection applications due to an enhanced water column and bubble management system. When used with the OmniScan™ X3 flaw detector, the ScanDeck module provides feedback and remote functionality that minimize operator interactions with the instrument. It also allows the operator to start data acquisition on the OmniScan unit remotely. Directly in the operator’s eyeline while scanning, status lights indicate which encoder is active (index or scan axis), when the optimum index position has been reached, whether the coupling is sufficient, and if the maximum scan speed is exceeded.

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