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Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Welding is a Super CareerWelding makes a profound impact on our daily lives. From the cars we drive to the houses we live in, the welding industry is constantly shaping our world. Welding also makes an impact on our nation’s economy. Half of our total gross national product is comprised of welding related labor, products, and services.

The welding industry offers a wide variety of dynamic and challenging careers. Underwater welders are needed on offshore oil rigs. Welder-operators use automated welding systems to manufacture cars. Structural welders help to construct skyscrapers and bridges. In addition to welders, other professionals such as certified inspectors and engineers rely on welding to do their jobs. Without these professionals, our country would fall apart.

The demand for skilled welding professionals is constantly growing. By 2023, our nation’s workforce will need over 375,000 welders to satisfy the demands of several industries. (Emsi, 2019) To help fill this need, the AWS Foundation is doing its part to promote the industry and build a skilled workforce. Our career resources and scholarships help students to learn about the vast number of opportunities our industry has to offer. Our Careers in Welding mobile exhibit also provides students with an interactive learning experience which will spark their interest in welding.

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