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Welding Workforce Grant

Welding Workforce Grant

Congratulations to the following schools for receiving AWS Foundation Workforce Grants.  Each school will receive up to $25,000 to improve and expand training facilities.

Botetourt Technical Education Center – Fincastle, Virginia
Brunswick Community College – Bolivia, North Carolina
Dixie Technical College – Saint George, Utah
Northern Industrial Training – Palmer, Alaska
Rockland BOCES – West Nyack, New York
Sun City Welding Academy – El Paso, Texas
The Academy at Goodwill Industries of Arkansas – Little Rock, Arkansas
West Georgia Technical College – Waco, Georgia
Workshops for Warriors – San Diego, California

The AWS Foundation is committed to securing the future of the welding industry by positively impacting welding education. The Welding Workforce Grant is the latest effort to ensure a skilled workforce is ready when industry calls.

Grants of up to $25,000 are available to improve and expand training programs and institutions to increase the number of welding graduates across the country.  

This application is now closed.  Check back on February 1st to apply for the Spring cycle.

School must be an AWS Educational Institution Member to apply.
As of June 2021, SENSE Registration is no longer required.

What Assistance is Available?

Grants up to $25,000 are available for secondary and post-secondary education/training institutions to enhance and improve welding programs resulting in an increase in the number of welding graduates and/or the number of graduates successfully placed in welding or welding-related jobs. 

Funds may be used for:

  • Welding or metalworking equipment  
  • Welding facility improvements 
  • Computers, computer-based systems for welding training 
  • Classroom or lab materials and/or supplies (Limited to 20% of total budget proposal) 
  • Becoming an AWS Accredited Testing Facility 

Funds cannot be used for:

  • Any program or area not related to welding education/training 
  • Travel expenses 
  • Personnel or to expand teaching staff 
  • Student tuition or scholarships 
  • Textbooks or teaching materials 
  • Personal protective equipment 
  • Indirect costs 
  • Capital items, such as vehicles, furniture, forklifts, etc. 

Updated January 2021

Who Can Apply?

  • Secondary schools (High School, Career Tech Center, Etc.) 

  • Post-secondary trade/technical programs or schools

  • Community colleges

  • Universities

As of November 16, 2020, for-profit/private institutions are eligible to apply.

Funding Preferences

Preference will be given to:

  • Project proposals that result in a significant increase in the number of welding graduates and number of graduates successfully placed in welding or welding-related jobs. 

  • Commitments of additional support, including monetary support from the institution and/or monetary or in-kind donations from external public or private organizations, including companies, non-profits, or government organizations.

Updated January 2021

Welding Workforce Grant Application

The application consists of the following components:

  • Grant proposal summary

  • Details of matching support

  • Grant proposal description and outcomes

  • Data on number of welding students, graduates, and placement in welding jobs

  • One page itemized budget (Sample budget).  Applications with supporting budgetary quotes from distributors, suppliers, or contractors will be given preference

  • Letter of Commitment from Education/Training Institution

  • Instructor Statement 

  • Letters of Support (preferred but not required) from advisory board members, local employers, community groups, local AWS section, etc. Letters from local businesses expressing an immediate need to hire graduates are preferred.

Selection Process

The applications will be reviewed by the AWS Foundation Grants Committee and recipients selected during meetings taking place in May and November.  The Grants Committee is comprised of members from the AWS Foundation Board of Trustees and the AWS Board of Directors.

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application in mid-June and mid-December.

Requirements if Selected for an AWS Foundation Grant

Measures of Success

AWS Foundation will audit the success of the project throughout the term of funding, at intervals determined by AWS Foundation.  A summary of progress-to-date with specific, detailed information will be required.  Projects will be measured against the original application submitted.  A final report including project summary, numbers of individuals educated/trained, numbers of graduates, numbers successfully employed in a welding job, results from the project, and a final, itemized budget, will be required.  

Release of Funds

A contract must be signed by both AWS Foundation and the grantee.  Funds will be distributed only to the education/training institution.  The release of funds will occur following submission of itemized invoices or quotes that meet the intent of the approved project. 

Reapplication Eligibility

A grant recipient may not apply again for three years following selection.

Previous Grant Recipients


For questions, or more information, please contact John Douglass at jdouglass@aws.org.