Welder Training Scholarship

Welder Training Scholarship

The following Districts have no remaining awards for 2017.

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Check back at the end of December 2017 for the 2018 Application.

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The AWS Welder Training Scholarship is for students seeking welder training in a program up to two years, and cannot be used for credits towards a four-year program.

Eligibility Overview
This scholarship is available to AWS Districts to provide funds to students seeking welder training through a trade school, community college, or other facility providing welder training programs, such as Tulsa Welding School and Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.

Eligibility Requirements
To view the specific eligibility requirements for this scholarship, please click here to view the application.

Submission Deadline
The AWS Welder Training Scholarships will be available year round (January 1-December 31) until the District awards the designated $10,000 for the year.  Funds not used from January 1 to December 31 may not be carried over into the next year.   Please note, the deadline for the applicant to submit to headquarters is December 15th to allow time for submission before year end cut off.

Application Process
Applications should be sent to the AWS Foundation at 8669 NW 36 Street, #130, Miami, FL 33166.  Foundation Staff will email the applications received to the District Director on the first of each month.

Additional information about the Welder Training Scholarship including Application Form

The District Director may form a selection committee from Section members located within the District. Efforts should be made by the District Director to ensure that all recipient selections are fair and transparent.

$10,000 will be made available to each District for these scholarships. Ten awards at $1,000 each may be made to ten different recipients. Awards are for tuition and fees only. No awards will be paid to the recipients, and will be paid directly to the academic institution by the AWS Foundation.

If you have any questions about the Welder Training Scholarship, please contact Nazdhia Prado-Pulido at 800-443-9353, ext. 250.