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Light a Spark Grant

Light a Spark Grant

Light a Spark Grant Winners

Congratulations to the following high schools that won a Miller® welding starter pack valued at more than $10,000!

Blairsville-Saltsburg School District - Blairsville, PA

Easton Valley High School - Preston, IA

James Hillhouse High School - New Haven, CT

Regional Apprenticeship Pathways - Marysville, WA

Republic-Michigamme School - Republic, MI

Swanville High School - Swanville, MN

Union Mine High School - El Dorado, CA

Waltrip High School - Houston, TX

Miller® and the AWS Foundation have partnered to establish the Light a Spark Grant.  This grant provides a starter package of equipment and supplies to introduce welding into a high school Ag-Ed Program, Career and Technical Education Class, or Practical Skills Course.  Up to 10 starter packages valued at more than $10,000 each will be awarded annually!

This application is not intended for secondary or post-secondary schools that have an existing welding program or course.  Those institutions should review the Welder Workforce Grant for eligibility.

This application is currently closed.  Check back for updates.


To be eligible, high schools must have: 

  • Facility space presently available to house equipment, supplies, and conduct training
  • Faculty currently on staff qualified to provide instruction

Secondary or post-secondary schools that have an existing welding program or course are not eligible.

Application Requirements

The application requires:

  • Program Qualification
  • Current Program Description and Expected Outcomes
  • Instructor Qualification
  • Student Impact
  • Commitments of Additional Support
  • Letter of Commitment from School or District
  • Letters of Support (optional but preferred)

Welding Starter Pack

Miller Welding Pack

Winning schools will receive a turnkey Miller® welding starter pack valued at more than $10,000!

The pack will include the following items (subject to change):

  • Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Powersource - ability to perform GTAW, GTAW-P, GMAW, FCAW & SMAW welding processes
  • Miller Spectrum 375 Plasma cutter
  • Oxy-fuel Welding & Cutting Outfit; including cutting & heating tips
  • SMAW, GMAW, & GTAW whips with consumable kit.
  • Welding Cart, Arcstation welding table, fume extractor, and safety screens
  • PPE & Hand tools; including welding gloves, jacket, auto darkening helmet, chipping hammer, wire brush, and more

*Awardees will have the option to purchase alternative equipment and supplies worth up to $10,000.  If choosing this option, awardee must submit an itemized budget with quotes and receipts subject to approval by the AWS Foundation.

Requirements if Selected

Measures of Success

AWS Foundation will audit the success of the project throughout the term of funding, at intervals determined by AWS Foundation.  A summary of progress-to-date with specific, detailed information will be required.  A final report, including recap of program implementation and number of students impacted, will be required.  


For questions, or more information, please contact John Douglass at jdouglass@aws.org.

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