Career Resources

Career Resources

The AWS Foundation is committed to helping students achieve their goals. From promoting scholarships to talking about the welding industry’s vast number of career opportunities, welding students are a primary focus of ours.

Want to learn more about the welding industry? Are you a student who is trying to decide where to go next? Are you looking for a job in the industry? Check out some of our resources!

Careers in Welding

CareersInWelding.com provides essential information about the welding industry. Ideal for students, instructors, and professionals, the website provides important details about different types of welding jobs, salaries, schools, and related career information. The videos, publications, and other tools on the website are all free, and should be able to answer most of the commonly asked questions about the welding industry.

For more information, please visit: www.careersinwelding.com

Jobs in Welding

JobsInWelding.com is the American Welding Society’s premiere resource for job placement and fulfillment. An essential tool for both employers and job candidates, this website allows you to post and view resumes, conduct job searches, and learn about the most popular careers in the industry. Visitors can also learn about the many resources that AWS has to offer. Do you want to gain a competitive edge? Think about becoming an AWS Certified Welding Inspector or Supervisor. AWS credentials look great on a resume, and might give you the extra momentum you need to land your ideal dream job.

For more information, please visit: jobsinwelding.com

We also offer videos, magazines, and other materials will get you closer to starting your welding career or at least figuring out what to do next.


Considering a welding career?  Then check out these videos from AWS!

The American Welding Society offers three videos about careers in welding. Each is focused on a different angle of the industry. They are packed with awesome interviews, examples and key information. Get a first-hand look into an industry that is both exciting and in demand!

Jump start your welding career today!

Hot Bikes, Fast Cars, Cool Careers

Strap in for a fast paced look into the world of welding!

From celebrity interviews to close ups of custom cars and bikes, Hot Bikes, Fast Cars, Cool Careers will keep you glued to your screen. Listen to the pros as they explain how they got their start in some of the hottest careers in the industry.

Welding gives you the freedom and creativity to build anything. Whether you’re into cars, bikes, or structural work, welding will take you where you want to go. You’ll also get paid some “big bucks” for doing what you love!

Turn your passion into a career. Click here to view the Hot Bikes, Fast Cars, Cool Careers video!

Women in Welding

“Every day, more and more women are enjoying the benefits of being a part of the welding industry”. – Nancy Cole, AWS President, (2013)

A common misconception about the welding industry is that it’s solely dominated by men. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

The Women in Welding video takes a look at how women are changing the face of the welding industry. From running successful businesses to welding parts for NASA, women are doing a lot to make sure that the welding industry continues to thrive.

This video takes a look at five women who have different jobs and work for different companies. While their backgrounds are different, their passion for welding has helped our industry to remain strong.

Women in Welding profiles:

  • A welding instructor
  • A certified welding inspector
  • A welding technician
  • A welding process specialist
  • A company president

If you think this video caters solely to women, guess again! The valuable advice and career information presented here can be useful to anyone who is considering a career in welding.

Turn your passion into a career. Click here to view the Women in Welding video!

Students in Welding

Improving Their Competitive edge: Students in WeldingSo, you’ve decided that welding is the right career for you. But where do you go from here?

For some people, it may be confusing to know where to start. The AWS Students in Welding video will definitely help to answer some of your questions.

In this video, you’ll find interviews from both students and faculty. While their roles might be different, their opinions are similar. Welding is rewarding trade; a lot of hard work and effort will generate a fulfilling and lifelong career.

While this video may not answer your questions about a specific school, it will definitely encourage you and reinforce your desire to become a welder.

Start on the path to success. Click here to view the Students in Welding video!


Plan your future or design your curriculum with these AWS magazines!

The American Welding Society offers a variety of resources to both teachers and students. If you’re a teacher, maybe you want to redesign your curriculum. Or perhaps you want extra project ideas to give your students.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a student and new to welding. Are you looking into taking classes? Maybe you’re about to graduate and need to figure out the next step? Regardless of your situation, the American Welding Society’s Careers in Welding and Engineering Your Future magazines will put you on the right track.

Careers in Welding

Careers in Welding MagazineThe AWS Careers in Welding magazine is an ideal resource for students. No matter where a student is on their academic path, this publication has something for everyone. Useful articles, interviews, and other essential information is packaged into an easy-to-use booklet that is only 20 pages long. Teachers and school counselors can also benefit from this magazine. If you teach welding, or help with career placement, this magazine will give you some tools to help your students settle into a rewarding career.

Don’t delay. Click here to view the Careers in Welding magazine today!

Engineering Your Future

Engineering Your FutureDo you need to build your curriculum? Maybe you need some new projects to engage your students? Whatever the case, the AWS Engineering Your Future magazine may be your answer.

This comprehensive guide gives you a range of projects and lessons to use in your classroom. Each project is published in a step-by-step format giving you a clear idea of how to incorporate it into your class’s curriculum. It’s important to note that this guide is geared towards science related material. In other words, if you want to include more science related lessons into your curriculum, using this booklet would be a good place to start.

If you would like to use the Engineering Your Future booklet, please click here to download the free PDF.

Can’t read this file? Please click here to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Groups or Events

If you are a school, organization, or AWS section that would like to receive copies of the above resources to distribute to your group or at a future event, please contact careers@aws.org with your name, organization, mailing address, and the number of copies of each resource you would like to request.

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