Seminar Instructors

Seminar Instructors

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ED BOHNART,  (SCWI, CWE, and CRAW-T) of Panama City Beach, FL, is president of Welding and Education Consulting. He launched his consulting practice, with offices in Florida and Wisconsin, after a successful career directing Miller Electric manufacturing Company's training operations.  Prior to joining Miller Electric, he was welding instructor at Father Flanagan's Boys Home, Boys Town, NB.  He is an AWS Distinguished Member and Past President .  Bohnart remains active with the SkillsUSA organization and chairs the AWS Skills Competition Committee, which conducts the U.S. Open Weld Trials to select the U.S. Open Weld Trials to select the U.S. competitor for the World Skills Competition.  For six years, Bohnart chaired the AWS C5 Committee on Arc Welding and Cutting Processes, and remains active on the committee as an adviser.

RICH CAMPBELL,  (SCWI, CWE, ASNT Level III VT, PE) a Bechtel Fellow with Bechtel in Houston, Texas, is an expert on stainless steel welding and gas tungsten arc welding. He chairs the AWS D1K Structural Stainless Steel and AWS C5C Gas Tungsten Arc Welding subcommittees and serves on the AWS D1 Structural Steel, C5 Arc Welding, and D18 Sanitary Welding Applications committees. He also serves on numerous ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code and Bioprocessing Equipment Standard committees and subcommittees. He has over 35 years of welding and metallurgical engineering, inspection, and training experience in the piping, structural, nuclear, construction, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries. He has authored numerous welding articles and also compiled the book The Professional’s Advisor on Welding of Stainless Steels for AWS. He holds a B.S. degree in Welding Engineering from LeTourneau University and a Ph.D. degree in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He began instructing the CWI seminars in 1995.

KEN CORYELL,  (SCWI, and ASNT Level III certificate holder in radiography and liquid penetrant testing) a welding quality consultant based near Cleveland in Burton, OH, has been an AWS faculty member for over 17 years.  His experience includes over 30 years of welding quality assurance, quality control, nondestructive examination, and welding engineering for the electric utility, petrochemical, aerospace, shipbuilding, and structural industries.  He earned bachelor's and master's degrees in Welding Engineering from The Ohio State University and is a Registered Professional Engineer.  His professional affiliations include AWS, ASNT, ASME, ASM, and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

DAVID DIAZ,  (SCWI, CWI, CWE, API 570, Lead Auditor ANSI NQA - 1, AISC auditor, AWS Assessor (ATF), ASNT/ACCP III 30348, SNT-TC-1A, SMAW. GTAW. and GMAW) has spent 34 years in welding and nondestructive testing, As a Quality Assurance Engineer NDE Level III and Welding Inspector, his specializations span the nuclear, aerospace, geothermal, cogeneration, and other related power generation industries, as well as building construction. He received his degree from the Chicago Institute of Technology and further his career and education in the U.S. Air Force as a metals-processing specialist, completing a degree in materials engineering.  As a quality Auditor, he has traveled extensively providing technical training and instruction throughout the continental U.S. and in Saudi Arabia,  The United Arab Emirates, Japan, Mexico, and Canada.  He is an adjunct AWS instructor for the CWI seminar and instructs on welding and nondesctructive inspection techniques, and the procedures as an independent consultant for ETMS.

JIM GREER,  James Greer is a professor and coordinator of the welding program at Moraine Valley Community College, Palos, Hills, Illinois, where he trains students to the welding industry. In addition to his educational responsibilities, Greer is president of Techno-Weld Welding Consultants. He has over 30 years of welding industry experience and served as AWS President in 2004-2005. Greer is also a three-term AWS vice-president and has served in several leadership roles on various AWS committees. He holds a Master of Science in Education from Chicago State University.

SCOTT HELZER,  (CWI/CWE) Holds a Ph.D. degree from Texas A&M University, with primary emphasis in nondestructive examination, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, and welding welding power sources/procedures.  He has more than two decades of diversified welding experience and has been AWS member for 24 years.  He has received the Plummer Award for outstanding contributions to welding and welding education, and an Outstanding Certificate of Achievement as a major contributing author for the rewrite of the week-long CWI preparatory course materials.

Dr. Helzer has served as an International Institute of Welding delegate and has participated in many international forums on behalf of AWS to promote welding and inspection.  His outside research interests are T-K & Y connections in 41300 tubular structures for aircraft and motor sports, and continuing education.

KEN JOBES,  (SCWI) of Birmingham, AL was voted the Certified Welding Inspector of the Year in 1997.  This LeTourneau University alumnus has developed and implemented inspection, maintenance, and repair programs for fossil, hydroelectrc, and nuclear power plants ove the past 30 years.  In addition to his instructor duties for AWS Certified Welding Inspector  preparation seminars, he has conducted training for Alabama Power, Alliance Steel, Babcock and Wilcox, Calhoun Community College, Commonwealth Edison, Duke Power, Gorbel, Inc., Mercedes Benz, and Taylor Machine Works, He is a past menber of the AWS Education Committee.

AL MOORE,  Albert is an AWS Senior Certified Welding Inspector with several endorsements, a NOCTI certified welding instructor, and currently holds ASNT ACCP Professional NDT Level III certificates in four NDT test methods; RT, UT, MT, and PT. He has been awarded an AS in Civil Technology, a BS in Applied Science and Technology, a MBA, and a Certificate of Professional Development from the Department of Welding Engineering of Ohio State University.

As a welder with over forty years under the welding helmet, Al has been certified for the SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, and SAW processes on aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium.

Albert is an adjunct instructor for AWS and ASME. He serves on the Certification Committee and the Committee for Methods of Inspection and several subcommittees.  Albert's Email address is:

ED NORMAN,  (CWI/CWE) of Monett, MO has taught Welding Technology at the Southwest Area Career Center for the past twenty-seven years. He has owned and operated an inspection/consulting business throughout Southwest Missouri since 1999. He has been a CWI/CWE for thirteen years. A recipient of the Howard E. Adkins Memorial Instructor Membership award, as well as district and section awards, Past President of the Missouri Trade & Technical Association. Ed is currently involved with the AWS Education committee, SkillsUSA National Technical committee and National Education team.

WILLIAM SEYFARTH,  (CWI) has been a CWI for 23 years and has long been involved in welding education, including hands-on welding instruction at the college level.  He serves on the welding program advisory board of four Florida schools.  Based in Cedar Key, Florida, Seyfarth's company, WeldTest Services, focuses on Standards Consulting, inspection, technical writing, and welder/procedure qualification testing.  He has taught CWI Seminar for 12 years.

RON THEISS,  (SCWI) is develpoer and coordinator of the NDE program at North Harris College (Houston, TX) and a teaching professor for the past 26 years.  He holds a BS degree in Industrial Education.  He has served as AWS District 18 Director and as Chairman of the Houston Section.  With an extensive practical background in welding, inspection, nondestructive examination, and consulting, Ron has served as an instructor in CWI and nine-year recertification seminars for 11 years.

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