Student Robotic Welding Competition

Student Robotic Welding Competition

Oct 9, 2018 - Oct 11, 2018 RTP – Robotics Technology Park, Huntsville, AL

We're Looking for Robotic Welding Rock Stars

We know you're out there. Champions at following design drawings and instructions, setting up robotic cells, programming robots, defining, using and correcting welding parameters. Enter the 2018 Student Robotic Welding Competition and prove it. For bragging rights, take-aways and cash prizes.

Application will be available shortly.

General Information

How Do You Qualify?

You need to be under age 23 as of October 11, 2018 and enrolled in an accredited secondary or postsecondary institution that provides robotic arc welding curriculum.

What’s The Challenge?

Compete against other students and the clock. 2.5 days. 6 sessions. 2 hours each. Execute 4 project - based activities to construct a functioning object using precut and formed materials with instructions. Complete 2 written exams on technology and industrial safety fundamentals

What’s in It for You?

Hiring Managers will be there looking for rock stars in robotic arc welding knowledge, ability, accuracy and quality. Maybe they’ll see someone with the skills who’s worth hiring.  Oh, and a cash prize: First place: $1,000 | Second Place: $500 | Third Place: $250

What Do You Get?

Bragging rights... for yourself and your school. Satisfaction... You’ve given the next generation the tools and skills to make them efficient and impactful in the future of welding manufacturing. That’s awesome.

Hotel Information

Hotel Information

Homewood Suites – Village of Providence
15 Town Center Drive
Huntsville, AL 35806
Phone: 256-895-9511

Safety Rules & Regulations

  • Normal sheet metal PPE consisting of proper attire: Said attire should include proper work boots , loose fitting and non-ornamental clothing, Kevlar impregnated gloves, proper eye protection for both chips and UV.
  • Depending on the fabrication process: Kevlar protective sleeves.
  • Depending on the use of overhead equipment during the preparation of the coupon sample or assembly: Use of ASTM hard hats
  • Temperature sticks or temperature pyrometer.
  • If the samples must be de-burred, depending on the process used, breathing protection. At a minimum a personal filter type respirator may be required

Checklist: Confirm the review of D16.1, D16.2 and the AWS Z49 safety series.

Competition Results

2016 Winners

1st Place: Riley Ogilvie, Conestoga College, Carlisle, Canada
2nd Place: Lu Quan Li - Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
3rd Place: Huang Li Cong – Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

The Student Robotic Welding Competition sponsored by the American Welding Society, Miami, Fla., took place December 5–8 at the Robotics Technology Park, Huntsville, Ala. Riley Ogilvie earned first place followed by Lu Quan Li in second place and Huang Li Cong in third place. They displayed their robotic arc welding skills and knowledge over a two-and-a-half-day competition. It involved a series of project- based activities, requiring hands-on robotic skills with technology fundamentals, and industrial safety written ex aminations. Each of the series of activities and written exams were based on a 2-h time frame.

Sean Moran, the competition’s chairman, noted this first-time event challenged students in various ways. “Each contestant was provided with materials and instructions to construct a functioning metal mail box in a series of four operations. Each of the operations was performed on one of four different brands of robots. Therefore, not only were the competitors challenged with the call out of assembly instructions, each of these instructions required the use of a different robot operating system,” Moran said.

All portions were judged on comprehension, ability, and accuracy of the robot execution as well as the completed steel mail box quality. The welding project design was done by Chris Gandee of Lincoln Electric. The project assembly fixtures were designed by James Shelley of American Hydro. Judging was performed by Jeff Noruk of Servo Robot.



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