Leadership Symposium

Leadership Symposium

Jul 24, 2022 - Jul 27, 2022 AWS Headquarters, Miami, Florida
Jul 24 - Jul 27, 2022
Aug 7 - Aug 10, 2022

In 2022, two events will be held, the first July 24-27, and the second August 7-10. A representative from each District will be selected to attend each event.

In 1999, the American Welding Society held its first Leadership Symposium to develop the leadership capabilities of its members. During their annual District Conferences, each of the 22 Districts selects one individual to represent their District at the Symposium held in Miami (Doral), Florida at AWS headquarters. Attendees gain valuable training in leadership and get the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and AWS Staff. To date, well over 500 AWS volunteers have participated in this annual event, and many have held prominent committee roles within AWS and have served on the AWS Board of Directors.

Learn more about the Leadership Symposium by taking a look at these materials from past events.

District Representative Nomination Form

AWS is seeking nominations for members to serve as District Representatives and attend the 2022 AWS Leadership Symposium at AWS Headquarters, in Miami, FL.

Please note: two events will be held in 2022; the first will take place from July 24-27, and the second will be conducted August 7-10.

Please complete the nomination form linked below to submit your information - or the details of the individual you are nominating - to be considered to represent your District at the 2022 AWS Leadership Symposium.


2022 AWS Leadership Symposium District Representative Nomination Form


Nomination forms must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to your District's 2022 District Conference. 

Please contact AWS Sr. Manager, Sections and Student Chapters, Darrill A. Gaschler (, with any questions regarding the 2022 AWS Leadership Symposium. 

AWS Member Network

AWS Member Network

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