International Brazing and Soldering Conference (IBSC) 2018

International Brazing and Soldering Conference (IBSC) 2018

Apr 15, 2018 - Apr 18, 2018 Cresent Ballroom, Doubletree by Hilton, New Orleans, Louisiana

Welcome to the IBSC 2018 website – the central location for information needed to plan your trip to the 2018 International Brazing & Soldering Conference (IBSC).

The IBSC remains the premier event for the brazing and soldering community. For years, the IBSC has provided professionals, scientists and engineers involved in the research, development and application of brazing and soldering, a unique networking and idea-exchange forum. This five-day conference provides cutting-edge education and technical programming for the brazing and soldering community, as well as peer-networking and a full exhibit program, showcasing the latest trends, products, processes and techniques available in the industry.

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Educational Seminar
 • Educational Seminar held on Sunday, April 15th
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  $552 $736
International Brazing and Soldering Conference
 • International Brazing and Soldering Conference, held Monday, April 16-18
 • USB Drive with technical manuscripts from the IBSC
 • Two Drink Ticket to Opening Reception
 • Attendees lunches in AWS’ exhibit hall during IBSC
*Award’s Night Reception Sold Separately
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Early Bird (ends February 1st, 2018) $675 $760
Regular Price $775 $860
Conference Combo
 • Educational Seminar held on Sunday, April 15th
 • International Brazing & Soldering Conference, held Monday, April 16-18
 • USB Drive with technical manuscripts from the IBSC
 • Two Drink Ticket for IBSC Opening Reception
 • Attendees lunches in AWS’ exhibit hall during IBSC
*Award’s Night Reception Sold Separately
  Member Non-Member
  $924 $1,232
Conference Student
 • International Brazing and Soldering Conference, held Monday, April 16-18
 • USB Drive with technical manuscripts from the IBSC
 • Two Drink Ticket to Opening Reception
 • Attendees lunches in AWS’ exhibit hall during IBSC
*Award’s Night Reception Sold Separately
  Member Non-Member
  $250 $250
Award’s Night Reception
The networking highlight of the 2018 IBSC! This special event will take place at the historic Antoine’s Restaurant in the French Quarter. Your ticket includes hors d’oeuvres, drinks and access to the distinguished Chairs and Authors from this year’s IBSC.
  Member Non-Member
  $95 $95


Invitation Letters

VISA Application for International Delegates

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Week at a Glance

Educational Seminar Session

Session Chair  Dr. Hui Zhao, Creative Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Morning Session  Fundamentals

Title  Furnace Brazing
Instructor  Dr. Steve Feldbauer, Abbott Furnace Company
Time  8:00-10:00
Duration  2 Hours
Course Outline
Furnace brazing is one of the most widely used processes for mass productions. The advances in science and technology has promoted the development of a new generation of brazing furnace that features high energy efficiency and brazing quality. This course introduces the fundamental principles related to furnace brazing, presents some of the most recent developments in furnaces and furnace braze processing, as well as important furnace maintenance strategies.

Title  Corrosion and Brazing
Instructor  Dr. Doug Hawksworth, Diomedea, Inc.
Time  10:00-12:00
Duration  2 Hours
Course Outline
When two metals, of the same or different composition, are brazed together using a third metal, the composition of which is also different to the first two alloys, a complex metallurgical system is produced. The morphology of the joint, composition, post braze phases and electrochemical differences within the brazed system will determine whether or not corrosion will be inhibited or initiated and how it may propagate into the metal substrate.

The fundamental principles of brazing and corrosion of metal substrates will be reviewed and how various parameters interact thus influencing post braze durability. These principles are illustrated with examples from industry.


Afternoon Session:  Applications

Title  Brazing of titanium: processes, properties and prospects
Instructor  Dr. Alex Shapiro, Titanium Brazing, Inc.
Time  1:00-3:30
Duration  2.5 hours
Course Outline
Applications of titanium brazing, light-weight and corrosion-resistant joints. Classification and properties of base metals. Critical brazing temperatures. Selection of brazing filler metals. Structure and mechanical properties of brazed joints of alpha-, alpha-beta, or beta-titanium alloys. Brazing of titanium heat exchangers and honeycomb panels. Methods of improving strength of brazed joints. Diffusion in titanium brazed joints. Designing of brazed joints. Industrial brazing processes: selection and setup. Risk factors, defects, and repair of brazed joints. Brazing titanium with other metals, ceramics, or graphite.

Title  Direct Brazing of Ceramic to Metal
Instructor  Dr. Toshi Oyama, WESGO Metals
Time  3:30-5:00
Duration  1.5 hours
Course Outline
Direct brazing of ceramic material to metal component can be achieved by active brazing process using active brazing filler metals. Active brazing filler metals contain a reactive element, titanium in most cases, and the reactive element wet on ceramic by chemical reaction with the base ceramic materials. Active brazing process is now widely accepted, and there are many commercially available active brazing alloys. In this presentation, basic wetting mechanism on ceramic material is briefly described, and key parameters for successful brazing of ceramic to metal are discussed. Finally, several industrial applications are explained.

IBSC Conference Program

  Sunday, April 15, 2018
8:00 am – 5:00 pm Educational Offerings - Crescent Ballroom
Session Chair: Dr. Hui Zhao
8:00 am Furnace Brazing
Dr. Steve Feldbauer, Abbott Furnace Company
10:00 am Corrosion & Brazing
Dr. Doug Hawksworth, Diomedea, Inc.
1:00 pm Brazing of Titanium: Processes, Properties, and Prospects
Dr. Alex Shapiro, Titanium Brazing, Inc.
3:30 pm Direct Brazing of Ceramic to Metal
Dr. Toshi Oyama, WESGO Metals
  *Refreshments offered in back of room.
  Monday, April 16, 2018
8:15 am – 11:00 am Plenary Lectures - Crescent Ballroom
8:15 am Mastering the Art of Brazing – Improving the Precision and Quality of Brazed Components
Prof. Kirsten Bobzin, Germany
9:15 am Brazing of Stainless Steel and Analysis of Brazed Joints
Prof. Yasuyuki Miyazawa, Japan
10:15 am New Experimental Data in Brazing Titanium and their Practical Interpretation
Dr. Alexander Shapiro, USA
11:00 am – 1:00 pm LUNCH - Crescent Ballroom
1:00 pm – 2:40 pm Session 1: Lead Free Solders - Crescent A
Session Chairs: Dr. Paul Vianco and Prof. Guntram Wagner
1:00 pm Role of Intermetallic Compounds on the Heterogeneous Nucleation of Tin in Sn-based Solder Alloys During Solder
Liashenko O., Hodaj F., France
1:20 pm Voids Formation and Extinction in SAC305 Paste at the Beginning of Melting Stages Using Rotational Viscometer
Yuasa T., Nakayama H., Yamazaki T., Japan
1:40 pm Effect of Rare Earth Elements on Microstructures and Properties of Lead-free Solders
Zhou W., Zhai W. G., Li X. F., Wu Y. C., Singapore
2:00 pm Stress-strain Response of Lead-Free Solder Joints in MEMS Device Using Finite Element Code
Zhang L., Liu Z. Q., Ji Y. T., China
2:20 pm Wetting Kinetics of SnBiAg on Different Substrates under Different Temperatures
Li Y. L., Wang Z.L., China
2:45 pm – 3:15 pm Refreshment Break, AWS Exhibit Hall, (International Ballroom)
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Session 2: Fundamentals, Modeling, and Simulation for Brazing - Crescent B
Session Chairs: Prof. Dusan Sekulic and Prof. Juan Carlos Madeni
1:00 pm Capillary Flow on an Aluminum Brazing Sheet in Gravity Field
Yu C. N., Wu Y. Y., Sekulic D. P., USA
1:20 pm A New Procedure for Determining the Spreading and Flow Behavior of Brazing Fillers Using Flux
Uhlig T., Sattler B., Weis S., Wagner G., Germany
1:40 pm Diffusion Fields in TRILLIUM™ Brazing Sheet under Different Heating Rates
Wu Y.Y., Fu H., Hawksworth D.K., Yu C. N., Sekulic D. P., USA
2:00 pm Furnace-based FEA Model of the Diffusion Bonding Process
Gemse F., Fey A., Dahms S., Jahn S., Germany
2:20 pm Aluminum Braze Triple Line Movement in a Wetting/Non-wetting Setting
Wu Y.Y., Yu C. N., Sekulic D. P., USA
2:40 pm Eutectic Phase Formation During Friction Stir Spot Welding of EN AW 1070 and EN CW 004A Dissimilar Joints
Koehler T., Regensburg A., Petzoldt F., Bergmann J. P., Germany
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Refreshment Break, AWS Exhibit Hall, (International Ballroom)
3:15 pm – 5:00 pm Session 3: Materials and Process Design - Crescent A
Session Chairs: Grayson Alexy and Dr. Bryan Riggs
3:15 pm Improved Binder Degassing for Defect Reduction in Large Area Paste Brazing
Hebing J., Bobzin K., Öte M., Wiesner S., Germany
3:25 pm Development of Laser Brazing System with Precise Temperature Control
Matsu K., Shi K. D., Sechi Y., Japan
3:45 pm A study on Bonding Method for Nickel Foam Heat Exchangers
Heo H. J., Park Y. C., South Korea
4:05 pm Influence of Nitrogen in Process Atmospheres on the Fatigue Behavior of Brazed Stainless Steel Joints
Fedorov V., Uhlig T., Wagner G., Langohr A., Maier H. J., Germany
4:25 pm Specialized C/C Fixtures for Today's Brazing
Kay D., Nagamine L., USA
3:20 pm – 5:20 pm Session 4: Ceramic, Composite, Glass Joining (Session I) - Crescent B
Session Chairs: Charles Walker and Professor Igor Pashkov
3:20 pm Development of Thin Film Active-Brazing Alloy for Brazing Ceramics
Kishimoto T., Japan
3:40 pm Reliability of Alumina-Kovar Based Feedthrough on Brazing and Laser Welding
Kaplan B., Baloglu E. C. , Turkey
4:00 pm Active Diffusion Bonding of ZrCx Ceramics
Pan R., Song L. T., He P., Sekulic D. P., China
4:20 pm A Novel Method for Testing Mechanical Bonding of Diamond Single Crystals
Laurila V. J., Vuoristo P., Tuovinen O., Finland
4:40 pm Influence of Electric Current Passing Through Interface on Wetting of Zirconia with Metals
Durov O., Sidorenko T. V., Ukraine
5:00 pm Joining of SiBCN Ceramic With CuPd-V filler Alloy and the Interfacial Reactions
Li W.W., Xiong H.P.,Ren H. S., Chen B., Wu X., Cheng Y.Y., China
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm Opening Reception, AWS Exhibit Hall, (International Ballroom)
  Tuesday, April 17, 2018
8:00 am – 10:20 am Session 5: Special & Advanced Process - Crescent A
Session Chairs: Professor W. Tillmann and Dr. Manfred Boretius
8:00 am Accelerated and Directed Diffusion During Current-Assisted Brazing
Schmidt A., Bobzin K., Öte M., Wiesner S., Germany
8:20 am Repairing Oxidized Surface of Heat Resistant Steels by Micro-Plasma Arc Welding with Transition Metals
Tajiri Y., Yamazaki T., Japan
8:40 am 3D Printing of Filler Metal Preforms by FDM
Weis S., Uhlig T., Germany
9:00 am Resistance Microwelding Best Practices in Brazing Set-up Operations
Kapur J., USA
9:20 am Aerospace Brazing: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Kay D., USA
9:40 am Eutectic High Entropy Alloys - A novel Class of Materials for Brazing Applications
Wojarski L., Tillmann W., Timmer C., Manka M., Germany
10:00 am High Performance Brazing Robot with Real Time Laser Vision Tracking and Inspection
Boillot J.-P., Simoneau R, Li R. R., Canada
10:20 am – 10:45 am Refreshment Break, AWS Exhibit Hall (International Ballroom)
8:00 am – 10:00 am Session 6: Corrosion, Strength, & Joint Reliability (Session I) - Crescent B
Session Chairs: Robin Gourley and Dr. Stefanie Wiesner
8:00 am Estimation of Corrosion Resistance of Brazed Joint by Electrochemical Method
Iwata M., Miyazawa Y., Shinoda Y., Shimada R., Bizen Y., Japan
8:20 am Effect of Microstructure and Gap Thickness on Joint Strength
Hedin E.
8:40 am Interpretation of Ni-Cr-Si-B and Ni-Cr-Si-P Brazed Stainless Steel Mechanical Properties
Kemmenoe D. J., Theisen E. A., Coughlan W., Baker S. P., USA
9:00 am Effect of Active Element on Crack in Al2O3/SS 430 Joints
Heo H., Lee J., Jeong K., Choe Y., Kang C., South Korea
9:20 am Corrosion Resistance of High-Temperature Intermetallic Nickel Alloy with Palladium Brazing Filler Metal
Maksymova S. V., Myasoid V., Nyrkova L., Ukraine
9:40 am Microstructures and Mechanical Strengths of P/M Superalloy-Single Crystal Superalloy Brazed Joints Using Ni-Cr-B Brazing Alloy
Chen B., Zou W.J., Xiong H.P., Li W.W., Mao W., China
10:00 am – 10:30 am Refreshment Break, AWS Exhibit Hall, (International Ballroom)
10:30 am – 12:30 pm Session 7: Corrosion, Strength, & Joint Reliability (Session II) - Crescent B
Session Chairs: Dr. Steven Feldbauer and Dr. Huaping Xiong
10:30 am The Impact of Unspecified Impurities on Brazing & Spatter Test
Raykhtsaum G., Bush J., USA
10:50 am Characterizing Crack Propagation Life for Joints by Abnormal Magnetic Signals
Shi C. L., Tang W. X., Zhan H., China
11:10 am Influence of the Grain Size of Alloy and Superalloy Additives for Gas Turbine Repair Brazing
Uddin S. M., Krappitz H., Bobzin K., Öte M., Germany
11:30 am Qualification of Brazed Ferritic Stainless Steel Joints for Corrosive Applications
Tillmann W., Manka M., Wojarski L., Bekker T., Germany
11:50 am Interfacial Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the TiC-Ni Cermet/Ag-Cu-Zn/Invar Joint
Lei M., Feng J., Zhang H., Li Y., Zhang L., China
12:10 pm Filler Metal Control in Sinter-Brazing
Bear K., Rishel G., Smith B., Feldbauer S. L., USA
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm LUNCH - International Ballroom
10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 8: Solder Joining Technologies (Session I) - Crescent A
Session Chairs: Dr. Ronald Smith and Prof. Peng He
10:30 am Achievement in Soldering of Thermo-Electric Cell With Zinc-Based Filler Alloy
Pashkov I., Shargayev E., Bazlova T., Bazhenov V., Russia
10:50 am Direct Aluminum Soldering
Avery W. F., Baskin Y., USA
11:10 am Basics of Induction Heating for Brazing and Soldering Applications
Morrison A., USA
11:20 am The Mechanical Performance of Sn-Pb Solder Joints on LTCC Substrates
Vianco P. T., Kilgo A. C., McKenzie B., Walsh M., Price W., USA
11:40 am Ultrasonic-Assisted Air Bonding of SiC Ceramics Using Zn-Al Filler Metals for Electronic Packaging Application
Wu B., Yan J., China
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm LUNCH - International Ballroom
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm Session 9: Brazing of Light Metals - Crescent B
Session Chairs: Dr. Alex Shapiro and Dr. Kotaro Matsu
1:30 pm Analysis of Coatings Deposited by Brazing and Cold Spraying for Casting Aluminum/Steel Hybrids
Gerdt L., Bobzin K., Öte M., Wiesner S., Germany
1:50 pm Joining of Aluminum and Stainless Steel for Heat Exchanger Applications
Zhao H., Elbel S., Hrnjak P., USA
2:10 pm Brazing of Dissimilar Materials with the Amorphous Filler Metal Foil Stemet® 1202
Sevrukov O. N., Morokhov P., Fedotov I., Suchkov A., Penyaz M., Ivannikov A., Russia
2:30 pm Brazing of Titanium by Ni-Cr-Si Amorphous Foils: Structure and Shear Strength of Brazed Joint
Shapiro A. E., Shapiro L. A., USA
2:50 pm Diffusion Bonding of Aluminum - Challenges and Solutions
Gemse F., Dahms S., Jahn S., Germany
3:10 pm Mg Tolerance in Controlled Atmosphere Brazing with Different TRILLIUM® Claddings
Koscielski S., Sweden
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Refreshment Break, AWS Exhibit Hall, (International Ballroom)
1:30 pm – 3:10 pm Session 10: Solder Joining Technologies (Session II) - Crescent A
Session Chairs: Michael Paponetti and Dr. Lucas Wojarski
1:30 pm Active Soldering vs Active Brazing – A Technology Review
Smith R., USA
1:50 pm Joining of Germanium to Kovar by Fluxless Soldering Under Formic Acid Vapors
Kaplan B., Baloglu E. C., Turkey
2:10 pm The Fast Formation of Cu-Sn Intermetallic Compound by Induction Heating
Yin Z., Sun F., Guo M., China
2:30 pm Microstructural Evolution of SiC Joints Soldered with the Assistance of Ultrasonic Using Zn-Al Filler Metals
Wu B., Yan J., China
2:50 pm Study of Material Thickness Variation in Soldering Dissimilar Metals (Brass-Steel)
Waheed R., Saeed H. A., Tara W., Mahmood H., Butt S. U., Pakistan
3:10 pm – 3:30 pm Refreshment Break, AWS Exhibit Hall, (International Ballroom)
3:30 pm – 5:30 pm Session 11: Ceramic, Composite, Glass (Session II) - Crescent B
Session Chairs: Dr. Toshi Oyama and Michael Graham
3:30 pm Preventing Active Braze Filler Metal Run-Out Using Conformal ALD Coatings
Walker C., De Smet D., Goeke R., McKenzie B., Vianco P., USA
3:50 pm Strengthening of ZrB2-SiC to TC4-TiBw Joint with Self-Toughened SiC Substitution-Interlayer
Feng Q., He P., China
4:10 pm Laser Processing Effect on Wettability with Reaction Bonded SiC Substrate
Rogers B., Madeni J. C., Liu S., Nelson S., Xu R., USA
4:30 pm Microstructure and Strength of ZrB2-SiC/TC4-TiBw Joints Brazed with AgCu Inactive-Alloy
He P., Feng Q., China
4:50 pm Interfacial Studies of a Metallurgical Bond Between “Active” Ultrasonically Applied Solder Silica Glass
Smith R., USA
5:10 pm Effects of Graphene on the Brazed C/C Composite/TC4 Joint
Liu D., Song Y., Song X., China
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Evening Reception, Antoine's Restaurant
*Tickets can be purchased online or on-site at registration desk.
  Wednesday, April 18, 2018
8:00 am – 10:20 am Session 12: Filler Metal Properties (Session I) - Crescent A
Session Chairs: Dr. Hui Zhao and Dr. Sebastian Weis
8:00 am Brazing of Ferritic Stainless Steels - A New Look
Biglari M. H., Krassenburg L.C.P., Brom J.H.G., Hejazi T., van Veen N.J.A., Kodentsov A. A., Netherlands
8:20 am Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Joints Brazed with Nickel Filler Metals
Kalin B., Sevryukov O. N., Penyaz M., Ivannikov A., Bachurina D., Russia
8:40 am Residual Stress Reduction of Brazed WC-Co/Steel
Sasaki T., Goto T., Miyazawa Y., Takato T., Japan
9:00 am Fabrication of Ni-alloy Metal Sheet by Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Ikeshoji T. T., Yonehara M., Nakamura K., Kyogoku H., Japan
9:20 am Investigation of CuTi, CuNiSi and CuNiSiB Alloys for Brazing Applications
Tillmann W., Lehmert B., Manka M., Wojarski L., Holewa M., Germany
9:40 am Brittle Brazing Filler Metals Made in Flexible Wire Forms
Ziani A., USA
10:00 am Melting Characteristics of Selected Brazing Filler Metals by Thermal Analysis; Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
Weinstein M., USA
10:20 am – 10:50 am Refreshment Break, AWS Exhibit Hall (International Ballroom)
8:00 am – 10:20 am Session 13: Filler Metal Properties (Session II) - Crescent B
Session Chairs: Michael Weinstein and Prof. Huaping Xiong
8:00 am Design Approach for Development of Novel Nickel-Based Brazing Alloys
Hardwick L., Rodgers P., Pickering E., Goodall R., United Kingdom
8:20 am Temperature and Hold Time Effect on Strength and Microstructure in SiC/SiAlTi/SiC Braze Joints
Wei J., Madeni J. C., Liu S., Nelson S., Xu R., USA
8:40 am Strength of Steel, Copper, and Brass Lap Joints Brazed by Silver-Free and Silver-Based Filler Metals
Shapiro A. E., Alexandrov B. T., Boutilier J., Brown N., Klidas N., USA
9:00 am Braze Powder Characteristics & Their Effects of Brazing
Michael Graham, USA
9:20 am Influence of the Bulk Material Surface Condition on AISI H13 / BNi-2 Brazed Joints
Tillmann W., Bobzin K., Wojarski L., Öte M., Manka M., Wiesner S., Eilers A., Germany
9:40 am Investigation of Joining Process Regarding the Brazing of Copper with Aluminum
Gley F., Lindemann M., Zabel M., Ebbinghaus M., Koronakis P. , Germany
10:00 am Comparative Study on Thermodynamic Characteristics of AgCuZnSn Filler Metals
Wang X. X., Peng J., China
10:20 am – 10:50 am Refreshment Break, AWS Exhibit Hall (International Ballroom)

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