2018 Welding Summit

2018 Welding Summit

Oct 16, 2018 - Oct 17, 2018 South Shore Harbour & Conference Center, League City, Texas

South Shore Harbour Resort ExteriorDue to the volume of construction projects taking place in the Gulf Coast, this year's Welding Industry Summit will take place in League City, Texas- minutes from downtown Houston. 

This year's Summit will be a combination of interactive presentations, panels, and round table discussions intended to give each attendee current information on how more value can be brought to their welding operations, plans, and projects.

We believe you should have a seminar experience with quality information that results in your ability to immediately increase both your value and bottom line.

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Hotel / Venue

South Shore Harbour Resort PoolSouth Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center
2500 South Shore Blvd.
League City, Texas 77573

Deadline for hotel registration: September 24, 2018
Rates: Single/Double − $145
Telephone: 281-334-1000
Reservation Link: AWS2018

Conference Times

Monday, October 15th

  • Registration Opens, 1:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Exhibitor Set Up, 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Tuesday, October 16th

  • Registration Open, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Exhibit Hours, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Welding Summit, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Welding Summit Happy Hour – 5:30 pm

Wednesday, October 17th

  • Registration, 7:30 am – 12 noon
  • Welding Summit, 8:00 am – 12 noon
  • Exhibit Hours, 9:00 am – 12 noon
  • D10P Subcommittee - Local Heat Treating of Pipework, 8:00 – 12 noon
  • Exhibitor Tear Down, 12 noon – 2:00 pm
  • D10.1 Subcommittee on Chromium-Molybdenum Steel Piping, 2:00 – 3:00 pm
  • D10 Committee Meeting, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Career Fair, 3:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Houston Section Meeting, 6:30 pm
    Requires a separate registration. Please visit http://www.awshouston.org/ for further details.

Technical Program

  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
DAY ONE Bringing Value to Your Welding Operation
Salon ABDE, South Shore Harbour Conference Center
 8:00 am Keynote Address: Welding Your Team Life
David Rutherford
David Rutherford - Former Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author, Performance Coach, and HostDavid is living out his dream as an internationally known motivational personality. His goal is to reach 10 million people in 10 years with his Navy SEAL Motivational Training concepts titled Froglogic. David has quickly risen to become one of the most exciting and impactful keynote speakers in the world averaging over 60 events a year with the world’s top companies.His high energy, entertaining approach for inspiring individuals and teams to Forge Self-Confidence, Live The Team Life,Embrace Fear and Live with Purpose ignites audiences to live life to its fullest and begin performing at an elite level.

David served honorably for 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare community as a SEAL Student, Combat Paramedic, Operator and Instructor. He participated in thousands of high-risk training evolutions and conducted clandestine operations in South East Asia, the Middle East and South Asia. After leaving the SEAL Teams David continued to hone his skills by serving as an International Training Expert for one of the country’s largest private security companies and for the US Government as a Security Protection Specialist. David has trained commandos and government employees around the world to push themselves past all limitations. David’s masterful ability to motivate inspires people from all walks of life to defeat the Negative Insurgency and achieve success in every environment imaginable.

David motivates people around the world as a top motivational speaker, author for kids and adults, radio show host, behavioral training specialist, YouTube personality, private performance coach, social media presence, charity volunteer and mentor for young men. His uniquely high-impact and emotional style of speaking, writing and coaching helps all types of people gain a Navy SEAL style focus towards higher performance physically, mentally and spiritually. He combines his 20 years of exploring the human condition with over 70 years of UDT/SEAL operations, training doctrine and elite performance to create the Froglogic Concepts.

In the past 9 years David has reached almost 4 million people and is well on his way to reaching his personal goals.
 8:45 am Welder Training
Jason Vanderlinden, Fluor Construction
Are welders being trained correctly? The shortage of welders today has created a market for welder training that is focused on profit. We need to take a hard look at our training practices in today's world and realize that the training out there just isn't providing the necessary skill set for success. As an industry we need to re-evaluate our welder education so that we can avoid the high failure rate in initial job testing and gain consistency in welder performance on the job.
 9:30 am Second Wave-History of Welding, Current State, and Where It's Going
Mark Truchan, Fluor Corporation
A journey through the last 4 years of Gulf Coast industrial construction projects and a glimpse of the second wave of work. The Gulf Region has seen a full resurgence in large capital projects. This has brought labor deficits, wage inflation, schedule challenges and a push for new labor into the Welder market. Companies are having to develop new strategies to attract and retain labor in order to meet project demands. Where is the next 4 years going to take us?
 10:15 am Refreshment Break
(Served in back of classroom)
 10:45 am Welder Performance
Scott Witkowski, ALS/Maverick Labs
Welder Performance Qualification is an integral part of an industrial project’s success. From EPC to Maintenance, Outages, Turnarounds, Power, Upstream, Downstream, Pipelines, etc. Being smart in the approach and execution to maintain a successful rejection rate is key to a successful project. This presentation will investigate the challenges that determine a project’s success of failure, from a welder’s perspective.
 11:30 am Demystifying ASME Section IX, Requirements for Welding Procedure Qualification
Pat Patrick, ALS/Maverick Labs
The focus of the presentation will be on demystifying “stated” and “implied” requirements of ASME Section IX as it relates to welding procedure qualifications for pressure-retaining components i.e., piping, boilers and pressure vessels constructed to applicable book sections of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code. Once these requirements have been demystified attendees will have a clear understanding of the methodology of using Section IX and how the requirements are to be addressed; thus, ensuring welding procedure qualifications that meet Code compliance.
 12:15 pm All Attendee Lunch – Salon CF, South Shore Conference Center
(Included with your registration.)
 1:30 pm Importance of Filler Metals
Bill Newell, Euroweld
Even though weld filler metals may have the same AWS classification does not necessarily mean that they will operate the same or provide similar mechanical properties. How weld metals are formulated and processed often affect both the operability of the product as well as the mechanical properties. Using the right classification, even in the hands of skilled craft personnel, does not guarantee that the desired level of integrity will be obtained. Weld metal is no different than anything else, “… you get what you pay for.” This presentation will utilize various examples to illustrate how using the right weld filler metals is key to achieving required mechanical properties without compromising commercial considerations or increasing risk.
 2:15 pm Using Advanced Equipment & Processes to Improve Quality, Productivity, and Safety
Jim Byrne, Miller Electric
With the Oil, Gas and Power industry facing increased demands for improved quality, tighter deadlines, and a shortage of skilled welders, using new equipment with advanced features will help to improve quality, productivity, and safety on the job sites.

Some of the new equipment will include a controlled short-circuit GMAW process that will promise lower costs, higher productivity, and the ability to provide code quality welds with less training. The advanced short circuit process combined with the advanced pulse GMAW process with its increased deposition rates will provide welding from root to cap using one wire and one gas reducing inventory of your consumables while increasing Quality and Productivity.

In Addition to the improved welding equipment and processes, you will be introduced to the latest technology used to satisfy the heating requirements while welding Chrome-Moly pipe. Induction heating can improve safety, quality, and overall cycle time of your finished product as well.
 2:45 pm Field Heat Treatment: An Essential Variable in Welding
Gary Lewis, Lewis Reliability Resources
Power Generation, Refining and Petrochemical Industries present significant welding challenges throughout their plants, in highly sophisticated structural and operating components. Heat treatment plays an important part in achieving Fitness for Service, Life Management, Safety and Return on Investment objectives.

Demanding applications, difficult working environments, complex geometries, exotic materials of construction, tighter production schedules and budgets, diminishing labor resources, expertise and absence of certification and training, add to the challenges of achieving good heat treatment in the field.

Gary will provide a general introduction to heat treatment, share some recent experiences from the field, code implications to new construction and repair, and some exciting innovative Products and Process Improvements being introduced to enhance Quality and Execution in Energy construction.
 3:30 pm Refreshment Break
(Served in back of classroom)
 4:00 pm Non-Destructive Examination: Cost vs Value
Chuck Hellier, Hellier Companies
The author of “The Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation” published by McGraw Hill, Charles J. Hellier Sr., often started his presentations with a picture of the earth from space and commented on the very beginnings of nondestructive examination. There were seven visual examinations detailed in the book of Genesis chapter One (1). It is also in this chapter of the Bible that the first recording of visual results was documented. The original visual examination of the handiwork of creation was determined to be good, acceptable for use.

Humanity in its limited capacity has taken the wonder of creation and tried to improve existence with the same approach of determining that what is made is acceptable for use. The ability to ensure that a product is fit for service has been greatly enhanced with the methods of nondestructive examination. Advanced nondestructive examination technology is now providing additional test options, digital results, and many other features. It appears that these advances will continue to reliably ensure acceptability and potentially improve process and total quality management.
 4:45 pm Importance of Accurate Welding Procurement
John Stoll, Voestalpine/Böhler
Today’s demanding requirements for the welding of high strength creep resistant alloys, as well as stainless and nickel based products demand we look at the policies and procedures employed for the procurement of these consumables. In the past, simply referencing the AWS numbering system for the field requisition of welding consumables has been sufficient to fulfill the customers’ WPS requirements. This practice no longer placates the increased requirements of today’s base metals.

The base metal alloys being specified today exibit more robust properties with higher expectations to perform at greater strength levels, higher (or lower) temperatures, and in some cases countless cycles of operation before replacement. With that in mind, more attention must be devoted to requisition of welding consumables. Time must be allocated by the person responsible (preferably a welding engineer) to properly specify all requirements necessary for the materials’ ultimate performance capabilities. Procurement specifications should list the classification and testing of each line item as well as each of the properties or test results required. This presentation will examine each of the facets of the properly detailed “Welding Consumable Procurement Specification”.
 5:30 pm Happy Hour
(Drink tickets provided with your registration.)
  Wednesday, October 17, 2018
DAY TWO Successful Project Welding
Salon ABDE, South Shore Harbour Conference Center
 8:00 am Welcome and Questions from Day One
Bill Newell, Euroweld
 8:30 am Fundamental Project Success
Mike Lang, Fluor Corporation
In this presentation we look for the market to change more aggressively by 2024 and global trends in 2017 are supporting this position. Aspects presented will be applicable to all construction efforts relevant to end users, constructors, and vendors who will leave with some new value added perspectives.  The presentation will show:
  • Market conditions and how they relate to project performance.
  • The anatomy of a project and where "you" fit in.
  • Must have controls for optimal cost & schedule performance.
  • Best growth principals for employee relations and profitability.
 9:15 am Outsourcing Work Scope and Recognizing Scope Split
Josh Armstrong, United Energy Services
With the shortage of qualified craftsmen within the industry, consider specialty contractors to help fill the void. The use of specialty contractors will introduce a focus to safety and quality, eliminate the need for rework, and warranty all work performed. Specialty contractors help provide a level of accountability to your projects and keep them running smoothly and on schedule.
 10:00 am Refreshment Break
(Served in back of classroom)
 10:30 am Orbital Welding Products: Capabilities, and How They Add Value
Steve Cole, Lincoln Electric
Welding pipe has traditionally been a manual operation performed by highly skilled welders. However, recent trends in the industry have led to an increased need for automated pipe welding solutions. These trends include:
  • The declining number of qualified pipe welders
  • The increasing use of advanced pipe materials
  • The drive for higher productivity and lower costs
  • The need for weld process control and first pass quality
  • The ability to documents and archive welding records
The presentation reviews how newer automated pipe welding equipment uses modular design, advanced welding welding equipment uses modular design, advanced welding equipment, and digital controls to address these industry trends.
 11:15 am Panel Discussion
  Juvenal Calvo, Tip Tig
  Rob Tessier, Airgas
  Bill Newell, Euroweld
  Gary Lewis, LRR
  Chuck Hellier, Hellier Co.
 12:00 pm Panelist Recap and Closing Comments
Mike Lang, Flour Corporation
Meetings and Gatherings
 2:00 pm − 3:00 pm D10I Subcommittee on Chromium-Molybdenum Steel Piping
Pier Room
 3:00 pm − 5:00 pm D10 Committee Meeting
Pier Room
 3:00 pm − 6:30 pm AWS Career Fair
Salon CF
 5:00 pm Houston Section Board Meeting
The Board Room
 6:30 pm Houston Section Meeting
Salon ABDE

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