AWS Conferences Advance the State-of-the-Art

Quality educational materials—and welding conferences in particular—are just one way your membership serves you. By presenting the latest technology, cutting-edge topics, and industry experts, AWS puts the key to industry expertise and advancement in its members’ hands. Rely on AWS to bring you the highest quality conferences in the welding industry.

AWS Conferences Deliver Real World Solutions

Whether you’re looking to improve practices and procedures in your current workplace, get ahead, or just keep at the forefront of industry knowledge, AWS conferences provide an excellent means for concentrated, efficient learning. Here are just a few of the ways AWS Conference benefit attendees:

  • Keeping abreast of state-of-the-art technology and practices in almost every aspect of welding
  • Getting up-to-speed technically
  • Keeping up with the continuing education demands of your workplace and the industry
  • Increasing your understanding of the complexities of materials joining
  • Networking with your peers for innovative solutions and best practices

AWS Develops Meaningful Conferences — for You

At AWS, we’re always looking for ways to keep you informed. The Conference Committee works with the Director of Conferences and other staff to develop timely topics and offer authoritative speakers. Made up of distinguished educators and scientists, the Committee identifies and encourages members for the Conference Advisory Committees and helps target prestigious cosponsors for AWS Conferences.

What’s the Difference? Conferences versus Seminars

When considering your educational options, you might wonder how a conference and a seminar differ. Very simply, a conference is usually a larger affair, with multispeaker formal presentations and attracts between 50 and 300 registrants. A seminar is more intimate, focused on one particular topic, and relies on specialized instructors.

AWS Member Network

AWS Member Network

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