Online Educational Library

Online Educational Library

✔ 13 Comprehensive Courses
✔ Over 120 Hours Of Content
✔ New Courses Added Every Year
✔ Subscription Includes New Courses
✔ Affordably Priced
✔ Designed To Complement Existing
✔ Aligned To Sense Education Standards

Built by AWS subject matter experts and learning professionals, the ever-increasing number of AWS online courses feature engaging multimedia content that stimulates learning and long-term retention.

Brief modules, learner-centered navigation, and 24/7 access allow time-strapped students to learn at their own pace from laptops, phones, and tablets at any time or place. Equally busy instructors can use the AWS learning management system to assign tasks and track student progress.

The AWS Online Educational Library currently includes the following courses:

The AWS Online Educational Library is affordably priced to fit the budgets of academic institutions. Visit AWS Learning to learn more about each course and call or write today to receive a personal online demonstration of all the features that the AWS Online Educational Library has to offer.

The AWS Online Educational Library is designed to meet the needs of today’s welding students and instructors.

24/7 Access
to your courses and records from any device with an internet connection

Module Quizzes
allow students to measure content retention and comprehension.

Learning Management System
allows instructors to view tests and quizzes, and track student progress.

Short Modules
allow students to digest information in manageable chunks, and allow instructors more flexibility in the assignment of material.

Interactive Elements
at key junctures throughout each module provide students with ample opportunity to master concepts and formulas.

Audio Narration
as well as animated graphics, and video footage make even the most complex topics both engaging and easy to understand.

Learning Objectives
and module pre-quizzes provide guideposts that students can use to orient themselves and assess their readiness to move on and tackle new material.

Navigation Features
allow students to skip or review course content as needed, giving the student complete control over their learning experience.