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Certified Welding Supervisor

Certified Welding Supervisor

Often the underlying cause of a supervisor’s inability to improve productivity can be traced to inadequate knowledge and the minimal amount of time that a supervisor actually spends with welders. The AWS Certified Welding Supervisor program was created to rectify these conditions. This innovative program identifies a body of knowledge all welding supervisors should know and understand to increase productivity and improve weld quality.


The Certified Welding Supervisor seminar was developed to teach individuals the mastery that welding supervisors must be capable of demonstrating, in order to support improvement of the welders' environment, productivity, throughput, weld quality and safety. This intensive five-day seminar will help prepare you for the AWS Welding Supervisor certification test.


The Certified Welding Supervisor exam is based on the essential tasks designated for the Welding Supervisor. This includes but is not limited to welding fundamentals, safety, supervision, planning, fabrication, inspection, documentation, and economics. The multiple choice exam is given in two parts and lasts four hours. Part one covers the Fundamentals of Supervision and part two comprises Welding Practices & Economics.

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