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Certified Welding Sales Representative

Certified Welding Sales Representative

Welding sales representatives perform a very important function in the welding industry. They serve as the conduit for information concerning new technologies that can improve the productivity, reliability and quality of welding processes. Knowledgeable welding sales representatives can offer manufacturers technical support and guidance in the appropriate application of welding technologies.

Online Courses


The Online Certified Welding Sales Representative Seminar provides a detailed examination of the technical aspect of welding and welding equipment as they relate to sales, distribution and manufacturing. The seminar focuses on safety in welding, cutting and allied processes, the fundamental principles of welding operations and processes, basic arc equipment, shielding gases, consumables, and related components.

Presented in 13 interactive and engaging modules, this seminar is perfect for both inside and outside salespeople, distributors, manufactures, supervisors, managers, and any other professional that wants to gain a technical understanding of welding principles, methodology, equipment, consumables, and variables.



Candidates for the AWS Welding Sales Representative Certification must be well versed in a number of areas, including the most common arc welding and cutting processes, welding safety, AWS filler metal classifications, shielding gas applications, ventilation, electrical requirements for power sources, and welding procedures and their qualification. The Certified Welding Sales Representative Online Seminar covers all of these topics in 13 engaging and interactive modules.


The Certified Welding Supervisor exam covers the extensive body of knowledge that welding sales representatives need to offer manufacturers technical support and guidance in the application of welding technologies that will improve productivity, reliability, and quality. Qualified applicants can take the exam online after completing the Online Certified Welding Sales Representative Seminar, or at any site that an AWS CWI exam is scheduled.

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