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Certified Welding Engineer

Certified Welding Engineer

The AWS program for the certification of welding engineers defines requirements for a welding engineer to demonstrate competence through a combination of education, experience, and examination. The Welding Engineer Certification provides a means of recognition for those who demonstrate that they have the skills, knowledge and experience to excel in the field of welding engineering.

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The American Welding Society provides the most comprehensive welding courses in an engaging, easy-to-use, modular format. All content is developed and updated by senior AWS instructors and staff. The seminar material is accessible at any time of day or night, and instructors are periodically available to answer your questions.

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Certified Welding Engineer
The Certified Welding Engineer seminar was developed to teach individuals the mastery that welding engineers must be capable of demonstrating. This intensive seminar will help prepare you for the Certified Welding Engineer certification test.


CRE Exam
The Certified Welding Engineer exam consists of four parts: Parts 1 and 2 cover basic and applied sciences respectively. Each of these two parts consists of a two-hour multiple choice exam, and both must be passed before a candidate can qualify to take Parts 3 and 4. These last two parts are each 3-hour essay and calculation exams that cover Welding Related Disciplines and Practical Welding and Related Applications respectively. Part 1 and 2 may be taken at any location where the CWI examinations are given. The exam for Parts 3 and 4 are held four times during a calendar year.

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