Certified Welder

Certified Welder

AWS welder certification allows you to carry your credentials from employer to employer and state to state without retesting. Certified welders are also listed in the American Welding Society’s online database where potential employers can find you and confirm your certification. Download your free copy of the AWS QC7-93 Standard for AWS Certified Welders to review the minimum requirements for welder participation.

Online Courses

The American Welding Society provides the most comprehensive welding courses in an engaging, easy-to-use, modular format. All content is developed and updated by senior AWS instructors and staff. The seminar material is accessible at any time of day or night, and instructors are periodically available to answer your questions.

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Certified Welder Test
The AWS welder certification test examines and documents a welder’s ability to create welds of acceptable quality following a well-defined welding procedure. During a scheduled appointment at an AWS Accredited Test Facility, applicants must deposit a sound weld that will be inspected by an AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). The applicant’s ability to properly adhere to the Welding Procedure Specification, selected from available QC7 Supplements, includes fit-up, assembly, and positioning.


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