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Certified Radiographic Interpreter

Certified Radiographic Interpreter

The AWS Radiographic Interpreter Certification assures employers and practitioners alike that the principles of radiographic interpretation are reliably applied to the examination of welds. This program is based upon requirements contained within AWS B5.15:2003, Specification for the Qualification of Radiographic Interpreters. It is designed to provide evidence of the ability of individuals to properly assess welding-related indications produced on radiographic film and related media. If your job responsibilities include reading and interpretation of weld radiographs, this program is for you. You’ll learn proper film exposure, correct selection of image quality indicators, characterization of indications, and use of acceptance criteria as expressed in the AWS, API, and ASME codes.

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CRI Exam
The multiple-choice Certified Radiographic Interpreter exam consists of two, three-hour parts: a General Knowledge and Code Book portion, and a Practical film interpretation portion. The exam is held the day after the CRI Seminar, right at the seminar location. 

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