Online Courses

The American Welding Society provides the most comprehensive welding courses in an engaging, easy-to-use, modular format. All content is developed and updated by senior AWS instructors and staff. Course materials are accessible at any time of day or night, and instructors are periodically available to answer your questions.


AWS applications, blogs, podcasts and courses bring you the latest developments in welding, welding education, and professional development.

Academic Paths

Welding offers a multitude of career paths, each with opportunities for growth and advancement within many different industries. Inspection, education, engineering, robotics, management and sales are just some of the welding related professions that hold the promise of long and fulfilling careers. Whichever path you choose, AWS is here to help you along the way.

Upcoming Events

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AWS seminars provide the perfect opportunity to gain new insights, expand your skill set and satisfy your recertification credentials.


AWS conferences set the stage for new ideas, products and technology through interactive exhibits, educational programming, and networking opportunities.

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Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education (SENSE) features a comprehensive set of minimum standards and guidelines for welding education.  See guidelines, apply for status or locate schools >

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