Computer Based Testing

Computer Based Testing

I wanted to pass along my compliments and gratitude for the enormous improvements in the CWI recertification program… Also, the option of using Prometric has made the process much easier, and saving me at least 2 days of travel with a center located within 5 miles of my home.
Bennett B. Grimmett, P.E.
AWS Certified Welding Inspector

FAQs for the CBT Program

To ensure that the Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) program and other AWS certification programs maintain the highest level of quality and integrity, the American Welding Society (AWS) has begun moving from paper-based testing to computer-based testing (CBT). AWS is partnering with educational testing service Prometric to deliver CBT exams in more than 160 countries. AWS began offering CBT exams in May 2016 for select certification programs; and portions of the Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) exam will transition to CBT exams by the end of 2018.

Over the past several years, we have received feedback from candidates regarding their testing experience. A part of the decision to move to CBT was based on this feedback and to make the candidate experience better. The move to CBT represents several advantages for candidates including

  • more geographically accessible testing sites;
  • increase from 200 one day test sites to over 400 test sites open on additional days with expanded hours;
  • a divided exam period that allows for more study time between exam parts;
  • access to searchable electronic books during most open book exams;
  • easier scheduling of Part A and C exams and reexams for the CWI program;
  • CBT will provide the candidate with exam transparency regarding time remaining and questions left unanswered; and
  • the candidate will receive immediate feedback upon completion of the exam.

The move to CBT also signifies a modernization of the exam process. Other organizations such as NACE, ASNT, and API have moved to CBT in recent years for many of the same reasons. Moving to CBT is part of the continuous improvement and streamlining of internal and external processes within AWS.   Additionally, CBT provides improved exam standardization by assuring that each candidate’s experience is consistent and comparable to other candidates’ experience.

About Prometric

Learn more about Prometric Computer Based Testing:

Please view their "What to Expect on Test Day" video in the below player.


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