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Complaints / Feedback / Rescore Request / Disciplinary Actions

Complaints / Feedback / Rescore Request / Disciplinary Actions

The American Welding Society strives to maintain the validity, reliability, and fairness of all the certification programs. Candidates are encouraged to take the following actions regarding their testing experience, feedback on exam content, rescore request, or disciplinary actions.

Complaints Related to Testing Experiences

Complaints regarding the computer-based testing conditions or environment of testing must be reported to Prometric test administrator before leaving the test site on the test day.

Complaints regarding the paper-based test site Test Supervisor must be submitted to AWS no later than 2 (two) business days after the date of the examination. AWS will conduct investigation, and notify you after reaching a conclusion in email. However, examination scores will not be adjusted based on complaints about a testing condition.

File a Complaint about the paper-based test site Test Supervisor.


Feedback Related to Exam Content

Feedback regarding the content of examination questions MUST be submitted via the Exam Feedback Form no later than 5 (five) business days after the date of the examination. Your feedback will be forwarded to a panel of subject matter experts who will determine their merits. In the event the feedback are found valid, the scoring will be adjusted and will be effective for those who are impacted. If your score is impacted, you will receive a new score report via email.



Rescore Request

Request a manual rescore of a paper-based examination. CLICK HERE

Disciplinary Actions


Violations of AWS Candidate Attestation Agreement

Those who take AWS certification exams have a continuing obligation to maintain examination confidentiality. See the AWS Candidate Attestation Agreement for details.

AWS Candidate Attestation Agreement
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Irregular or improper behavior in examinations that is observed will be considered a subversion of the certification process.  Cheating and falsifying Information to obtain, maintain, and/or renew AWS certification status for self or for other constitute grounds for invalidation of a candidate’ examination and subject the candidate to disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or revocation of certification.


Alleged Violations against an AWS Certification Holder

The QC9, Administrative Procedures for Alleged Violations of AWS Certification Programs, was developed to outline formal procedures followed for the investigation of allegations. The QC9 describes the procedure for the initiation, preparation and disposition of complaints against individuals for unauthorized practices or violations of applicable rules of AWS certification programs.

To submit a formal complaint, obtain a copy of the QC9 procedure, then send in your completed complaint form, which is included in this procedure. Your complaint must include:

  • Description of the issues of fact and dates involved
  • Desired relief you seek
  • Statement of the interest of the complainant in the matter

Please note: all allegations must be supported by objective evidence. AWS cannot conduct investigations on your behalf to discover needed evidence. If you are submitting proprietary information as part of your documentation or evidence, it will be kept confidential.




Appeal Regarding the Determination Related to a Certification Exam

Those who were accused may appeal the determination of revocation related to a certification exam by submitting a written request to the Managing Director of Certification no later than 30 days after receipt of Determination. Once submitted, you will receive a notification of receipt via email. Final decision is normally completed within 30 business days (some processing times may vary).