Certified Welding Educator Program


Demonstrate Your Teaching Expertise

The AWS program for the certification of Welding Educators has been developed to define minimum standards for welding educators and to provide respected recognition for those who demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and experience needed:

  • Welding educators understand welding training requirements; prepare instruction plans; conduct training classes; and evaluate student performance
  • They may be using prepared instructional materials or develop their own original instructional materials
  • They are familiar with welding processes, welding procedures, welder qualifications, materials and the limitations of weld testing
  • They must be able to read drawings, prepare records and develop reports

Exams for both a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and a Certified Welding Educator (CWE) are identical. However, the Part C - Code Book portion is not required for CWE certification. The CWI and CWE certifications may be earned simultaneously.

Please visit the Certified Welding Inspector Certification webpage to access the CWI/CWE Exam Application. It is mandatory that you submit the CWE Welding Instructor Credentials form along with the completed CWI/CWE Exam Application. 

If you are a current SCWI, CWI or CAWI, and you meet the Certified Welding Educator criteria outlined below, no testing is required for the CWE certification. Simply:

  • Complete the CWE Short Form Application
  • Teach full or part-time in a classroom environment
  • Maintain a valid welder certificate
  • Obtain a written recommendation from your teaching supervisor that attests to your teaching qualifications and ability


Photo ID Requirements


Online Courses

Please refer to the following link


Please refer to the following link


Examination Minimum number of questions Minimum percentage
Part A: FUNDAMENTALS 150 60%
Part B: PRACTICAL 46 60%

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Body of Knowledge


The AWS Certified Welding Educator is required to renew his/her certification every four years. The CWE must meet the following requirements for renewal:

  • Complete the CWE renewal application.
  • Attest to two years of activity in welding education practice, or in related activities as defined in AWS QC5, AWS Standard for Certification of Welding Educators, during their four-year certification.

Please visit the documents tab to access the CWE renewal application.


The CWE certification does not have any recertification requirements: only renewal requirements.