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Certified Welding Inspector FAQs

What do I need to do to become a CWI?

To become a CWI, you will first need to qualify to take the three part examination. To do this, you will need to review section 5 of AWS QC1, Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors and section 5 of AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors to determine if you meet the experience and education requirements to take the examination. Then you will need to complete either an examination application or the online registration.


I am not a welder. Can I still qualify to take the CWI exam?

Though having some experience in welding would be beneficial, it isn’t a requirement to qualify to take the CWI examination.


Do I need to send in payment when I send in my CWI exam application or complete the online registration?

Yes, payment must be received in full before your application will be processed. This includes any outstanding balances or late fees. Only credit cards are accepted for payment when completing the online registration.

Do you have a way to finance the cost of the exam?


What about an AWS Membership? Is it included?

If you are a non-member seminar attendee who is not pursuing AWS certification (you have not paid application/exam fees), the seminar registration fee includes a one-year AWS membership. If you are pursuing AWS certification, your application/exam fees include a three-year AWS membership. Click here to learn more about the benefits of an AWS Membership.

My company has an AWS membership. Can I use their membership to receive the member discount price?

The member discount price is only for those with an active individual AWS membership. You will not be able to use your company’s or another individual’s membership. If you do not have an AWS individual membership and would like to apply for one, please contact the AWS Member Services Department at (800) 443-9353 ext. 480. 


When is the latest I can send in my application for Fast Track?

Fast Track applications will be accepted up to three weeks prior to the start date of the scheduled event. If you want to verify the date for a Fast Track application, please feel free to call the Certification Department at extension 273. 


I need to expense the cost of the CWI exam I paid for. How can I get a receipt?

If you need to obtain a receipt for payment, you may call the Accounting Department at extension 240 and a representative will be glad to assist you.


I don’t have my exam application completed but I want to get registered today. Can I call and make payment over the phone to reserve a space for me until I can send in my application?

No. You must submit an application either via the website by visiting app.aws.org/registrations/index?type=CWI or mailing in a paper application via regular mail along with full payment.

I want to be certified to both the D1.1 and API1104 codebooks for my CWI certification? Can I test to both codebooks at the same time?

No. You may only test to one codebook for your initial CWI examination. But, once you take and successfully pass your CWI examination, you may apply to take an endorsement exam to any other codebook you would like. You will need to complete an Endorsement application to do this which can be found on our website www.aws.org/certification/endorsement. Endorsement exams can be taken at CWI seminar/exam test sites.

A seminar package is not offered for the codebook I am testing to. What seminar(s) can I take?

Inspection Workshop (VIW) which will cover parts A and B of the CWI examination. You will have to self-study for the codebook you are testing to since we do not currently offer a seminar for it.


I did my registration online. Can I fax or email my employment verification and notary to you?

No. All documentation must be mailed to the American Welding Society 8669 NW 36th St Suite 130, Miami, FL 33166. You must indicate your full name, membership number (if available) and registration number on all documents.


I worked for a company for 10 years but they are no longer in business. How do I get my employment verification signed?

If you are unable to obtain a signature or letter for employment verification from your previous or current employer, you may submit an affidavit describing what type of work activity performed, and indicate the timeframe of that activity for a sufficient number of clients to establish the length of time worked. Additional supporting documentation such as lesson plans, letters, billing invoices or W-2 forms may be submitted.


I have worked for more than one employer for the past five years. Do I have to have all of them sign the employment verification? Do I have to have them all notarized?

You only need one Employment Verification signed by one of the employers listed in the Qualifying Work Experience section of the exam application. Also, only one notary signature along with stamp or seal is required to complete the application.


We have to send in a Visual Acuity Record to complete the exam application, but I am colorblind and wear glasses. Will I be disqualified from taking the exam?

The Visual Acuity Record is needed but is not used to qualify you to take the CWI examination. It is strictly for employment purposes and the results are indicated on your CWI wallet card.


What happens if I don't qualify?

You will receive a refund, less the $75 processing fee.


How can I get the books to study before I get to the seminar?

If you order a seminar and exam package, you will receive the books on the first day of the seminar.  Due to AWS Policies, books will not be shipped prior to the seminar.  


What are the prices for the books? Where can I purchase them?

By contacting the Welding Engineering Xchange (WEX) at 888-WELDING (888 935-3464) you will be able to get information regarding prices as well as purchase books and other literature.


How long does it take to get my test results? Can I call to get my scores?

After you have taken your exam, it will take 4-6 weeks for test results to be received. We highly recommend including an email address on your application so that you can receive notification of your certification status as soon as your exam has been scored. Actual test results cannot be given over the phone. Test results will be mailed to the address on file. We ask that you notify the Certification Department as soon as possible regarding any address change to ensure your test results are mailed to the correct location.

I passed my CWI exam and received my certificate and wallet card in the mail. Where is my stamp?

Shortly after you have received your certificate and wallet card in the mail, your stamp will follow within 2-3 weeks. Please be sure to contact the Certification Department if you have not received your certificate, wallet card, or stamp in this time period. 


Do you offer job placement once you become a CWI?

We do not offer job placement assistance. However, we have a service available through the AWS website called Jobs in Welding. You can access this by visiting http://www.jobsinwelding.com/ .  Job seekers can access this service and connect with potential employers for job opportunities.


How can I find out how many CWIs or SCWIs are currently certified? How many in my area?

We apologize, but this information is not available at this time.


What options are available to CWIs/SCWIs who also wish to gain ACCP Level II certification in Visual Testing (VT) without additional testing?

Visit the following link to get more information regarding the options available:



After a new D1.1 code is published, when should I expect the CWI Part C codebook exam to be updated to the new code?

Typically, when a new D1.1 code is published, the exam is quickly changed to be compatible with the previous version and the new version for several months to allow for a smooth transition for test takers and training providers. After several months or possibly up to a year after the publication of a new D1.1 code, the exam will then transition to only be compatible to the new code version. If you have a question about a specific exam with regard to a which version of a code or standard that an exam is based, please go to www.aws.org/certification or contact AWS at 1-800-443-9353 x279.