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BSMC Specifications and Books

BSMC Specifications and Books

Brazing & Soldering Specifications and Books

A2.4:2020Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination
A3.0M/A3.0:2020Standard Welding Terms and Definitions, Including Terms for Adhesive Bonding, Brazing, Soldering, Thermal Cutting, and Thermal Spraying
A5.8M/A5.8:2019Specification for Filler Metals for Brazing and Braze Welding
A5.31M/A5.31:2012Specification for Fluxes for Brazing and Braze Welding
B2.2/B2.2M:2016Standard for Brazing Procedure and Performance Qualification
B2.3/B2.3M:2018Specification for Soldering Procedure and Performance Qualification
C3.2M/C3.2:2019Standard Method for Evaluating the Strength of Brazed Joints
C3.3:2008 (R2016)Recommended Practice for the Design, Manufacture, and Examination of Critical Brazed Components
C3.4M/C3.4:2016Specification for Torch Brazing
C3.5M/C3.5:2016Specification for Induction Brazing
C3.6M/C3.6:2016Specification for Furnace Brazing
C3.7M/C3.7:2011Specification for Aluminum Brazing
C3.8M/C3.8:2020Specification for the Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Examination of Brazed Joints
C3.9M/C3.9:2020Specification for Resistance Brazing
C3.11M/C3.11:2011Specification for Torch Soldering
C3.12M/C3.12:2017Specification for Furnace Soldering
C3.14M/C3.14:2020Standard Method for Evaluation of Brazed Joints using Visual and Metallographic Techniques
BRHBrazing Handbook
SHBSoldering Handbook
GHSPGuideline for Hand Soldering Practices

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