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Brazing and Soldering Manufacturers Committee

Brazing and Soldering Manufacturers Committee

The Brazing & Soldering Manufacturers Committee (BSMC) is a standing committee of the American Welding Society dedicated to providing senior management members a forum to:

  • Promote plans and programs that benefit their understanding of brazing & soldering technology and development of the Industry
  • Share solutions to current industry, organizational, and business problems/opportunities
  • Promote brazing & soldering products and services worldwide
  • Promote the development of brazing & soldering equipment worldwide
  • Provide a common voice to the brazing & soldering industry, government bodies, and technical standards organizations worldwide

Duties of the Brazing & Soldering Manufacturers Committee

  • Promoting the objectives of the Society among manufacturers of brazing & soldering equipment and supplies.
  • Advising the AWS Board of Directors on programs to serve the brazing & soldering community, such as: developing a directory of brazing equipment manufacturers, and developing membership in local AWS brazing and soldering divisions.
  • Advising other AWS standing committees on developing programs, within their respective areas of expertise, that will promote the interests of the brazing and soldering industries within AWS.

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