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Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships

The AWS Foundation is proud to announce the 2016 Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

Nairn Barnes
University of Alberta
Professor Patricio Mendez
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Fellowship
“Solidification Theory and Optimization of Chromium Carbide Weld Overlays”

Erin Barrick
Lehigh University
Dr. John DuPont
Glenn J. Gibson Fellowship
“Fundamental Studies on Phase Transformations and Mechanical Properties of Fusion Welds in High-Nickel Concentration Naval Steel”

Tuhin Mukherjee
Pennsylvania State University
Professor Tarasenkar DebRoy and Professor Todd Palmer
American Welding Society Fellowship
“Distortion Free and Compositionally Sound Transition Joints by Additive Manufacturing”

Nathan Switzner
Colorado School of Mines
Professor Zhenzhen Yu
American Welding Society Fellowship
"The Study of Friction Welding for Cladding Applications"

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